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First Amended Complaint (legal)

Find a Cure

Formal Aspects of Computing (journal)

Final Acceptance Certificate

Florida Administrative Code

Fast Attack Craft

Federal Advisory Committee

Financement Agricole Canada (French: Farm Credit Canada)

Fine Arts Center

Federal Acquisition Circular

First Apostolic Church (various locations)

Financial Advisory Committee

Forces Armées Congolaises (French: Congolese Armed Forces)

Field Archery Club (UK)

Finance and Administration Committee (NEAFC)

Family Assistance Center

First Alliance Church (Florida)

Featured Artists Coalition

Florida Association of Counties

Fluorouracil, Doxorubicin, Cyclophosphamide

Ferry Advisory Committee

Fiscal Affairs Committee (various schools)

Flow Accelerated Corrosion

Food and Agricultural Code (California)

Federal Audit Clearinghouse

Forward Air Control(ler)

Foothills Art Center (Golden, CO)

Food and Agriculture Committee

Frederick Arts Council (Frederick, MD)

Foreign Affairs Committee (UK)

Food Aid Convention

Fuerza Aerea Colombiana

Feature Access Code

Franchise Advisory Council (various locations)

Foundation Advisory Council (various locations)

Fast Axis Collimation (optics)

Foreign Assets Control

Football Association (Challenge) Cup

Florida Airports Council

Federación Argentina de Cardiología (Argentinian Federation of Cardiology)

Federación Argentina de Cardiología (Federación Argentina de Cardiología)

Foreign Affairs Canada

First Aid Case (one-time treatment and observation of minor injury)

Federal Airports Corporation

Firearms Acquisition Certificate (Canada)

Food Advisory Committee

Final Approach Course

First Amendment Center

Friday Afternoon Club

Free Active Chlorine (electrochemical water treatment)

Flight Augmentation Computer (autopilot)

Free Available Chlorine

Field-Aligned Currents

Facility Contract

Final Assembly Code

Fuel Adjustment Clause

Final Acceptance Criteria

Face-Amount Certificate (finance)

Fellowship Advisory Committee (various organizations)

Finance and Accounting Club (Purdue University; Indiana)

Family Assistance Centre (UK)

Food Assistance Center

Fully Allocated Costs

Fitness Assessment Cell (US DoD)

Fractal Aspect Component (Aspect-Oriented Programming project)

Family Action Council (public policy group on eating disorders)

Forecast at Completion (project management)

Forced Authorization Code

Fanart Central (forum)

Food and Agriculture Council (USDA)

Foreign Air Carrier

Featured Article Candidate (Wikimedia Foundation)

Freethought Association of Canada (Toronto, ON, Canada)

Friday After Class

Fellowship Admissions Course

Financial Attack Center (US FEMA)

fourth amended complaint (legal)

Facility Analysis Category

Future Agricultures Consortium (UK)

Functional Area Chief

Friendship Agape Church (San Jose, California)

Find Area Code (Mountain Data Systems)

Federación Argentina de Colectividades (Spanish: Argentine Federation of Communities)

Flight Activity Category

Florida Aero Club

Flat Ass Calm (in reference to sea state)

Fenway Action Coalition

Florida Archaeological Council, Inc.

For All Coffeemakers

Financial Administrative Control

fifth amended complaint (legal)

Forecast Acquisition Cost

Full Absorption Costing (accounting)

Forwarding Agent Cachet (philately)

Fully Absorbed Cost

Filter, Air, Cleanable

First Alert Capability

Force Accounting Code

Funds At Completion

Functional Account Chief/Code

Force Accounting Controller

Formation Aéronautique Conseil

Franklin Acceptance Corporation

Fine Arts Conservancy, Inc.

Feature Attribute Code

Final Acceptance Criterion

Field Air Command

Fun Activities Committee (various organizations)