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European Mathematical Society

Emergency Medical Service(s)

Electronics Manufacturing Services

Express Mail Service

Electronic Manufacturing Services

Environmental Management Systems (EU)

Eastern Mountain Sports

Energy Management Systems (Indianapolis, IN)

Emergency Medical System

Execution Management System

Energy Management System

European Monetary System

Emergency Management Services

Engineering, Mathematics and Science (various schools)

Electric Motor Sales (various locations)

Engine Management System

Element Management System

Event Monitoring Service (Hewlett Packard)

Enterprise Mobility Suite (software)

Engineering and Manufacturing Services

Enhanced Messaging Service (wireless service)

Extra Mural Studies

Express Mail International (USPS)

Elementary Middle School (various locations)

Exchange Management Shell (software)

Event Marketing Solutions (various locations)

Emergency Management Specialist (US FEMA)

Event Management System

Environmental Monitoring System

Earth and Mineral Sciences

Engineered Materials Solutions

Emergency Management System

Environmental Management Standard

Effective Management Solutions (McKean, PA)

Environmental Monitoring Solutions (various locations)

Engine Management Software

Exchange Market Size (finance)

Event Medical Services (various locations)

Evaluation Management System (various organizations)

Edgewood Middle School (various locations)

Electromagnetic Spectrum

Eagle Marine Services (various locations)

Eosinophilia Myalgia Syndrome

Eisenhower Middle School (various locations)

Expanded Memory Specification

European Microscopy Society

Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan

Enrollment Management Services (various schools)

Electric Submersible Pump (various companies)

Global Express Mail (USPS)

Équipe Mobile de Sécurité (French: Mobile Security Team)

Expense Management Solution (corporate compliance)

Enterprise Management System

European Meteorological Society

Events Management Service (various companies)

Établissements Médico-Sociaux

Essen Motor Show (Germany)

Electro Mechanical Solutions (Vicksburg, MS)

Education Management Service (various organizations)

Early Morning Stiffness

Environmental Media Services

Emergency Medical Support

Environmental Mutagen Society

Enterprise Messaging Solution (software)

Enterprise Message Service (trademark of TIBCO Software Inc.)

Extended Memory Specification

Electro-Muscle Stimulation

Enterprise Management Software

Early Music Studio (various locations)

Engineering Management Society (IEEE)

Eastern Mennonite Seminary

Electromagnetic Susceptibility

Ethyl Methane Sulfonate

Event Management Systems

European Manufacturing Strategies (trade show)

Equipment Maintenance Squadron

Electronic Mail System

Electronic Management System

Evacuation Management System (US FEMA)

Evangelisches Missionswerk in Suedwestdeutschland (German: Churches and Missions in South Western Germany)

Eat My Shorts

ElectroMagnetic Suspension

Enseignement Militaire Supérieur (French: Military Higher Education)

Eastern Middle School

Electronic Meeting Systems

Engine Monitoring System

Electronic Manufacturing Solutions

External Media Shield (software)

Electronic Mail Service

Emergency Messaging System

Executive Management Seminar (various schools)

Electronic Message Service

Earth-Moon-Sun (sensors)

Education Management Systems (various organizations)

Electronic Marker System (3M)

Eignungstest für das Medizinstudium (German: Aptitude Test for Medical Studies; Switzerland and Austria)

European Master of Science (degree)

Engineering Modeling System (computer graphics)

Enterprise Mobile Software (Microsoft)

Entitlement Management Solution (software)

Enterprise Messaging Service

Electron Momentum Spectroscopy

Enterprise Management Services

Evernham Motorsports

Economics and Management Science

Enforcement Management System

Entry Monitor Subsystem (US NASA)

Electromagnetic Stirrer (metallurgy)

Electronic Message System

Electromechanical Services

Engineering Maintenance Services

Editorial Manager System (Springer)

English, Math and Science

Extended Memory System

Électronique Mécanique Services (French: Electronic Mechanical Services)

E-Mail Shorthand

Extra-Marital Sex

Europe Maplestory (gaming)

Enquiry Management System

Environmental Middle School (Portland, OR)

Executive Management Staff (employee performance forms)

Electronic Music Synthesis

Enterprise Messaging Server

Entitlement Management System

Eagleview Middle School

Efficient Market Services, Inc.

Engineering Music Society (The University of Melbourne, Australia)

Eastlake Middle School (Chula Vista, CA)

Enhanced Monitoring System

Exception Management System

Emergency Monitoring System

Enter, Mark, Spend (motto of Where's George)

Electromagnetic Science

European Mobile System

Evil Minded Soldiers

Emission Modeling System

Electromagnetic Static

Earl Marriott Secondary (school)

Excess Mileage Surcharge (airlines)

École Municipale des Sports de Maxeville (French: Municipal Sports Sports Maxeville; Maxeville, France)

Equipment Maintenance & Supplies

Early Morning Seminary

European Macro Seismic Scale

Electrical Muscle Stimulation unit

Expert Monitoring System (fraud management; MasterCard)

Error Management System

Environmental Modeling and Software

Engineering Modeling Software

Engineering Mathematics and Statistics

Electromagnetic Surveillance

European Mariculture Society

Engineered Mechanical Systems, Inc (Westville, NJ)

Exchange Messaging Service

Equipment Management Section

Espion Monitoring Service

Eligibility Management Systems

Extended Manufacturing Services

Electronic Maintenance Shop

Environmental Measurement Sonde

Extended Min-Sum

Entertainment Management System

Enfinity Multisite (webshop application)

Electric Motor Servicenter

Elektromagnetische Schwebetechnik (German: magnetic leviation technique)

Emergency Mission Support

Educational Microcomputer Technology

ECMOP Modular System

Engineering Master Schedule/Services

Equipment Maintenance Standard

Electronic Maintenance Section

Experimental Mind State (band)

Electronic Master Schedule

Embedded Memory System

Electro Mono-rail System (automotive industry)

Equipment Management Station (Ciena)

Environmental Monitoring Society (India)

Earthmoving Simulator

Experimental Monitoring Satellite

Edmondson Mechanical Services Ltd.

Engineered Methods & Standards

Euro-Modular System (road freight transport)