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Extracellular Fluid

Eastern Conference Finals (basketball)

Elemental Chlorine-Free (bleaching)

Episcopal Church Foundation (New York, NY)

European Cyclists Federation

European Cultural Foundation

École de la Cause Freudienne (French: School of the Freudian Cause)

Economic Cooperation Foundation (Tel Aviv, Israel)

East Coast Fever

East China Fair (trade show)

English Chess Federation

Electronic Case Filing System (Administrative Office of the US Courts)

Enterocutaneous Fistula (postoperative complication)

Extended Care Facility (health care)

European Coordinating Facility

Early Church Fathers

Eosinophil Chemotactic Factor (immunology)

Enterprise Challenge Fund (Australia)

European Career Fair (MIT European Club)

Electronic Court Filing (law)

École de Conduite Française (French: French Driving School)

Equity Cash Flow

Employees Community Fund (Boeing Puget Sound)

Enterprise Capital Fund

Ethical Culture Fieldston (Bronx, NY)

Essex Community Foundation (UK)

Erie Community Foundation (Erie, PA)

Early Cancellation Fee (various companies)

European Charcot Foundation

Entry Control Facility

Engineering Consulting Firm

Electronic Claim Form (insurance)

European Championship Final

European Corporate Finance

Electronic Claim File (insurance)

Eclipse Communications Framework

eCommerce Foundation

Employees Compensation Fund

Edgar Cayce Foundation (Virginia)

Elmira Correctional Facility (New York)

Experts-Comptables et Commissaires aux Comptes de France (French: Accountants and Auditors of France; union)

Engineered Containment Facility (Canada)

Entretien et Création de Fontaines (French: Creation and Maintenance of Fountains)

Étoile Cycliste Fontenaysienne (French cycling club)

Enhanced Connectivity Facilities (IBM)

East Coast Fertility (New York)

Employee Change Form (various organizations)

External Configuration File

Early Childhood Funders

Espace Campus France (French study abroad program; various locations)

Electronic Cigarette Forum

Error Carried Forward

Emissor Cupom Fiscal (Brazil)

Essential Community Facility (California)

European Construction Forum (Belgium)

Entropic Cascade Failure

Equipment Characteristics File

Executable Choreography Framework (middleware-level framework)

Engineering Computer Facility

eCommerce Framework G5 (trademark of Mediachase ASP.NET)

European Cooperation Fund

Essential Command Function

Enhanced Communications Facility

Earth Center Fixed

Eastern Communication Forum

Emergency Calendar Filler

Electronic Contracts Folder

Expected Cost of Failure

Evolutionary Computation Framework (algorithm development framework)

Exercise Countermeasures Facility

Exponential Correlation Function

Elliptic Curve Factorization (mathematics)

Employee's Clearance Form

End Cruelty Forever (anti-animal cruelty organization)