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Department (al) Performance Report

Department of Pesticide Regulation (California)

Decreto del Presidente della Repubblica (Italian Republic presidential decree)

Digital Photography Review

Department of Parks and Recreation

Dream Perfect Regime (music and video group)

Donetsk People's Republic (self-proclaimed state)

Division of Professional Regulation (various locations)

Dread Pirate Roberts (band)

Dewan Perwakilan Rakyat (Indonesia)

Democratic People's Republic (of Korea)

Digital Plug Ready (slot cars)

Detailed Project Report

Development Policy Review (Wiley publication)

Device Pixel Ratio (image optimization)

Department of Petroleum Resources (Nigeria)

Departmental Performance Report

Damage per Round (gaming)

Doctor-Patient Relationship (healthcare)

Denver Parks and Recreation (Denver, CO)

Department of Professional Regulation

Department of Plant Resources (Nepal)

Delphi Project (computer filename extension)

DC Parks and Recreation (Washington, DC)

Degree Progress Report (education)

Diversified Payment Rights (future flows securitization)

Data Protection and Retention

Dual-Port Ram

Drill Pipe Riser

Data Protection Register (UK)

Dividend Payout Ratio

Daily Progress Report

Division for Palestinian Rights (UN)

Direction des Produits Réglementés (French: Regulated Products Directorate)

Designated Pass Rusher (football)

Dermatopathia Pigmentosa Reticularis

Diesel Particulate Active Reduction (Hino)

Décoration Peinture Revêtement (French: Decorative Paint Coating)

Daily Periodic Rate

Dynamic Physical Rendering (Intel)

Differential Police Response

Defense Performance Review

Disconnect-Peer-Request (communication termination command)

Digit Present

Dan Paramore Racing

Daily Process Report (USMC)

Design Process Review

Dual Precipitation Radar

Dedicated Protection Ring

Deep Profile Roof

Design Problem Report

Dynamic Path Reconnect

Development Progress Review

Display Non-Nodal Routing (US DoD)

Department Program Review

Departmental Program Review

Deadline-Driven Proactive Resource Allocation

Degrees Per Revolution

Discrete Partial Rotation

Dynamic Power Reproducibility (Agilent)

Digital Present