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Department of Conservation and Recreation


Department of Clinical Research (various organizations)

Desenvolvimento Científico Regional (Portuguese: Regional Scientific Program)

Diseases of the Colon & Rectum (journal; American Society of Colon and Rectal Surgeons)

Division of Clinical Research (various organizations)

Digital Cable Ready (television)

Digital Collections and Research (University of Maryland)

Debt Coverage Ratio

Dark Crisis (Yu-Gi-Oh! cards)

Dacryocystorhinostomy (medical procedure)

Director of Community Relations (various locations)

Demand/Capacity Ratio (engineering)

Data Collection Regulation (EU)

Director File (Macromedia Shockwave file extension)

Division Cuirassée de Réserve (French: Reserve Armored Division)

Design Change Request

Déclaration Commune des Revenus (French: Joint Statement of Income)

Disease Control Rate

Device Control Register

Data Center Relocation

Direct Conversion Receiver

Direct Current Resistance

Design and Construction Regulations (offshore legislation; UK)

Diploma of the College of Radiographers

Document Change Request

Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation (California, USA)

District of Columbia Register (Washington, DC)

Design Certification Review

Development Cooperation Report

Daily Charter Rate

Development Control Regulations (India)

Discretionary Conditional Release (Criminology, UK)

Degradation Category Rating (ITU-T)

DOTMLPF Change Recommendation

District of Campbell River (Canada)

Diamond Creek Runners (club; Australia)

Dynamically Controlled Routing (Sprint)

Data Connection Resource (Lotus Notes)

Divisions Cuirassées (French Army WWII Armored Division)

Digital Cable Radio

Document Change Record

Department of Community Resources

Division of Campus Recreation

Dauphiné Construction Rénovation (French building renovation company)

Downconverter and Receiver Unit (US DoD Satellite Communications)

Design Concept Review

Down Syndrome Chromosome Region

Document Control Register

Drawing Change Request

Drop Call Rate (cell phones)

Digital Coast Roundtable

Director's Conference Room

Duty Diesel Common Rail

Dispenser Card Reader (POS software)

Displacement Chemical Regeneration

Design Criteria Report

Downconverting Receiver

Design Concern Report (NASA)

Data Centric Flight Recorder

Data Command Release/Refuse

Daily Change Report

Data Collection Recorder

Data/Detector Characterization Robot

Digital Direct Conversion Receiver

Defueling Completion Report

Direct Conversion Reactor

Document Change Review (NASA)

Deming Chain Reaction (management)

Delay Credit

Delivery Change Report

Delivery Confirmation Required

Deposit Control Record

Derby Crash Repair (UK)

Dublin Central Reservations

Digital Coded Radar

Disaster Control Recovery

Deputy Commander for Resource Management

Dynamic Capture Rate (economics)

Division of Career Resources (US NIH)

Differentially Coherent Receiver

Director Control Room

Direct Conversion Record

Derby City Radioactives (radio club)

Declaration Control Report (tax returns)