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Cut Bank (Amtrak station code; Cutbak, MT)

Central University of Technology (South Africa)

See You There

Curtin University of Technology (Australia)

Compact Utility Tractor

See You Tomorrow

Coordinated Universal Time

See You Then

Coming Up Taller (President's Committee on the Arts and the Humanities)

Central Unitaria de Trabajadores (Spanish: Confederation of Workers; various locations)

Cleveland Union Terminal (Cleveland, OH)

Cincinnati Union Terminal (railroad station; Cincinnati, OH)

Central Única dos Trabalhadores (Brazil)

Comparable Uncontrolled Transaction

Chicago Underground Trio (band)

Circuit Under Test

Caribbean Union of Teachers

Church Universal and Triumphant

Consumer Use Tax

Continuous Use Temperature

Cable Under Test

Control Unit Terminal

Confederated Union of Workers (Costa Rica)

United Labor Central (Chile)

Unitary Workers Central (Paraguay)

Campaign for Unmetered Telecommunications (UK)

Central Utah Telephone

Coding and Unit Testing

Code and Unit Test

Cross Utilization Training

Consumer Use Testing

Dr Halo Cut Image (file format extension)

Customer User Test

Intersection of two direction finding bearings

China United Telecommunications, Ltd

Carcass, Ultrasound, and Tenderness (cattle breeding program)