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Communist Party of India (political party)

Consumer Price Index

Crisis Prevention and Intervention

Corte Penal Internacional (Spanish: International Criminal Court; Netherlands)

Code de la Propriété Intellectuelle (French: Intellectual Property Code)

Corruption Perceptions Index (US trade)

Characters Per Inch

Communications Power Industries (formerly Varian)

Comissao Parlamentar de Inquerito (Brazil)

Communication Products, Inc. (Indianapolis, IN)

Crisis Prevention Institute

Creative Publishing International (Minnesota)

Cost Performance Index

Classe Préparatoire Intégrée (French: Integrated Preparatory Class)

Continuous Process Improvement

Crop Production Index

California Psychological Inventory (est. 1956)

Centre de Perfectionnement Interprofessionnel (French: Interprofessional Development Center; Switzerland)

Center for Public Integrity

Conan Properties International (Beverly Hills, CA)

Cycles Per Instruction

Certificat Provisoire d'Immatriculation (French: Provisional Certificate of Registration)

Centrum Promocji Informatyki (Polish: Center for Informatics)

Culture of Peace Initiative (UN)

Czech Property Investments (real estate; various locations)

Central Port Injection (fuel injection)

Cooperative Producers, Inc. (Hastings, NE)

Columbia Pictures Industries (film production)

China Policy Institute (UK)

Commercial Property Investments

Colorado Preservation, Inc. (Denver, CO)

Curioso Pero Inutil (Spanish: Curious but Futile; blog)

Corn Products International (various locations)

Credit Protection Insurance (various companies)

Common Programming Interface

Chemical Process Industries

Cisco Product Identification (software)

Création d'un Produit Innovant (French: Creation of an Innovative Product)

Competition Policy Implementation (working group)

Critical Path Initiative (various organizations)

Cost Per Impression (advertising)

Committee on Public Information

Creative Pultrusions, Inc. (Alum Bank, PA)

Common Part Indicator

Centro de Promoção de Investimentos (Investment Promotion Centre, Mozambique)

Collateral Protection Insurance

Control Products, Inc. (East Hanover, NJ)

Council of Principal Investigators (various organizations)

Criminal Procedure and Investigations (law; UK)

Code Page Information (File Name Extension)

Critical Program Information (US DoD)

Consistent Presentation of Images (medical products)

Center for Productivity Improvement (various organizations)

Civilian Police International

Clock Per Instruction

Counterpart International

Canadian Petroleum Industry (sector)

Community Policing Initiative (various locations)

Clinical Process Improvement (various organizations)

Critical Path Institute (Arizona and Maryland)

Cloud Particle Imager

Consumer Protection Initiative (various locations)

Choeur Philharmonique International (French: International Philharmonic Choir)

Canada Pork International

Certified Pilates Instructor

Continual Process Improvement

Commercial Properties, Inc (Portland, ME)

Continuous Public Involvement (various organizations)

Citigroup Property Investors

Church Planting Initiative (UK)

Centre de Plongée d'Illkirch (French diving center)

Child Protective Investigator

Certified Postsecondary Instructor (National Center for Competency Testing)

Chile Pepper Institute (New Mexico State University)

Commercial Photographers International (Atlanta, GA)

Combined Paternity Index

Coating Place, Inc. (Verona, WI)

Consumer Policy Institute (Yonkers, New York)

Corrugated Plate Interceptor (oil production & treatment)

Community Philanthropy Initiative

College Preparatory, Inc.

Core Price Inflation (measure of inflation)

Central Pennsylvania Institute of Science and Technology (Pleasant Gap, Pennsylvania)

Church Publishing Incorporated

Critical Performance Indicator

Competition Policy Institute

Coherent Processing Interval

College Partnership, Inc.

Crash Position Indicator

Chemical Patents Index

Cost Per Interview (market research)

Continental Pole of Inaccessibility (furthest point from the sea)

Certified Property Inspector

Computer-to-PBX Interface

Cross-Pole Interference (digital communications)

Cours Pénale Internationale (French: International Criminal Court)

Certified Professional Instructor (National Instruments Corporation)

Crop Protection Institute (Canada)

Community Progress Initiative (various locations)

Chronic Public Inebriate

Coastal Plains Institute (Florida, USA)

Caldecott Productions International (Singapore)

Coordinamento Professori Idonei (Italian: Appropriate Coordination Professors)

Comparable Performance Indicators

Cleft Palate Isolated

Calling Party Identification

Capacity, Philanthropy and Interest (fundraising)

Counter-Proliferation Initiative

Continuous Product Innovation

Continuity Programs, Inc. (Walled Lake, MI)

Chip Package Interaction

Certified Professional Installer

Couch Potato Index

Cooperative Preschool Inventory

Computer-Processed Interpretation

China Philatelic Information (Chinese stamp authority)

Car Position Indicator (elevators)

Cross Pointer Indicator (NASA)

Catalytic Products International, Inc. (Echo Lake, Illinois)

Common Physical Interface

Chemical and Petroleum Industry

Command Performance Inspection (US Navy)

Common Process Integration

Communications Processor and Interface

Contractor Preliminary Inspection

Civilian Personnel Instructions

Colectric Partners, Inc.

Cost Per Inquire/Inquiry (advertising)

Construction Pollution Index

Congo Peace Initiative (South Africa)

Commence Primary Ignition (Star Wars)

Certified Plumbing Inspector

Cathodyne Phase Inverter

Center for Public Initiatives (University of Scranton)

Colibria Philippines, Inc.

Civilian Personnel Integration

Conditional Priority Inheritance

Cost Plus Incentives (contract)

Cross Program Integration

Creative Presentations Incorporated

Comprehensive Package Integration

Company Provided Item

Client Program Interface (computing)

Command Performance Indicator

Clutch Pressure Indicator

Compliance Program Implementation

Concrete Pipe Institute (Vienna, VA)

Contractor Performance Inspection

Customer Provided Items

Current Precipitation Index (rainfall measure)

Custom Patient Instrumentation (orthopaedic industry)

Consolidated Pipeline Inc.