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Blueprint for the Future (National Aboriginal Achievement Foundation; Canada)

Best Friends Forever (chat)

Best Friends Funeral (senior slang)

Big Fat Friend

Bangladesh Football Federation (est. 1972; governing body)

Bicycle Film Festival (various locations)

Best Fan Forever

Best Foot Forward

Bottom Field First (video field order)

Ben Folds Five (band)

Basic Fire Fighting (course)

British Forces Foundation (UK)

Best Friend Farted

Black Footed Ferret

Born Free Foundation

Badminton for Fun

Binary File Format

Boston Film Festival

Body Fixed Frame (physics)

Bradford Film Festival (UK)

Breckenridge Festival of Film (Breckenridge, CO)

Bring Friend and Family

Beyond Final Fantasy (gaming)

Bozeman Film Festival (Montana)

Brattle Film Foundation (Cambridge, MA)

Scottsbluff, NE, USA - William B Heiling Field (Airport Code)

Biotech Finance Forum

Blanche Fischer Foundation

Bags Fly Free (Southwest Airlines)

Bank Failure Friday

Barely Freaking Friends

Boyfriend Forever

Best Frenemies Forever

British Farming Forum (UK)

Biblical Foundations for Freedom

Best Foam Fabricators, Inc. (Chicago, IL)

Best Freakin Friend

Below Finished Floor (architectural, mechanical drawings)

Brake Fluid Flush (automotive)

Buffered Flip-Flop

Benchmark Format Form

Belgische Federatie van Fotografen (Dutch: Belgian Federation of Photographers; Belgium)

Black Friend Forever

Budget Formulation & Forecasting


Bit-Map-Based First Fit

Bonsoir François Feldman (band)

Books Found Fast (book retailer; UK)

Bush Fire Fighter (Australia)