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Alcohol and Drug Program


Aeroports de Paris

Apparel Design and Production (various schools)

Adenosine diphosphate

Automatic Data Processing, Inc.

Association of Directory Publishers (est. 1898; Traverse City, MI)

Andorra Peseta (ISO currency code, Andorra)

Adblock Plus (Internet browser feature)

Automated Data Processing (NASA)

Army Doctrine Publication (US Army)

Alpha Delta Pi (sorority)

Application Development Platform

Abu Dhabi Police (United Arab Emirates)

Annual Development Programme (various locations)

American Democracy Project (American Association of State Colleges and Universities)

Accidental Damage Protection

Audio Description Project (American Council of the Blind)

American Depositary Receipt

Association des Directeurs de Production (French: Production Managers Association)

African Democratic Party

Annual Development Plan

Automatic Data Processing system

Ammonium Dihydrogen Phosphate

Agricultural Development Program

American Doll Posse (Tori Amos song)

Average Daily Population (various organizations)

Assistive Devices Program (Ontario, Canada)

American Degree Program (various locations)

Advanced Development Program

Actual Deferral Percentage (nondiscrimination test used with SAR-SEP plans)

Airport Development Program

Anti-Discriminatory Practice

American Dental Plan

Accelerated Degree Program (various schools)

Alliance for Democracy and Progress (Central African Republic)

All Day Party

Approved Development Programme (UK)

Acheson Doyle Partners (architecture firm; New York)

Anguilla Democratic Party

Actual Deferral Percentage Test

Air Defense Plan (military)

Acoustic Doppler Profiler

Administrative Data Processing

Asset Development Project

Advanced Development Plan

Average Daily Participation (education)

Automated Defect Prevention (software development)

Architecture Development Process

Advanced Data Processing

Academic Development Plan (various universities)

Aquaculture Development Project (UN)

Automatic Document Processing

Approved Degree Program

Anxiety Disorders Program (various locations)

Additional Dealer Profit

Audience Development Plan

Association of Disabled Professionals (UK)

Acyclic Dependencies Principle

Action à Dividende Prioritaire

Amici Dei Popoli

Air Defense Position

Acceptance Data Package

AOLserver Dynamic Pages

Airmen Development Plan (US Air Force)

Adaptive Digital Predistortion

Astrophysics Data Program

Algorithmes Distribués et Protocoles (French: Distributed Algorithms and Protocols)

Association Dentaire de Provence (French: Dental Association of Provence)

Alliance for Digital Progress

Alliance of Divorce Professionals

Area Denial to Personnel

American Dream Project

AHERA Designated Person

Acoustic Data Processor

Abcar-Dic Process (French food industry supplier)

Apparatus Dew Point

Astrobiology Drilling Program (US NASA)

Abuse Disclosure Project (Minnesota)

Auger Depth Profiling

Air Deployment Platform

Automatic Debit Program (various locations)

Alternative Discipline Program

Air Data Probe

Asociación Pro-Agua del Pueblo (Township Pro-Water Association, Guatemala)

Alternative Disposition Plan

Adoptivus (Latin: Adopted, manuscripts and codices)

Active Distribution Panel

Application Distribution Protocol

Acquisition Data Processor

Answerer Detection Pattern

Atmospheric Downstream Plasma Etching

Aspect Data Processor

Auxiliary Detection Processor (military radar)

Advanced Deployability Posture (STADEPS)

Automatic Deletion Procedure

Autorisierter DocuWare Partner

Association pour le Développement de la Podologie

Automatic/Automated Data Processing/Processor

Advanced Detection Processor

Adaptive Doppler Processing

Alternativa Democrática del Pueblo (Democratic Township Alternative - political movement, Guatemala)

Alianza Progresista Democrática (Spanish: Progressive Democratic Alliance, Equatorial Guinea)

Allied Defense Publication

Atmospheric Downstream Plasma Eching

Advanced Development Proposal

Advanced Development Phase

Angle Deception Protection

AMRAAM Digital Processor

ATO Dissemination Package

Asynchronous Data Push

Asesoria Diseño y Programación (Spanish: Advisory Design & Programming; Guatemala)

Antenna Digital Positioner

Argentine Documentation Project

Attitude Determination and Prediction

Afghan Development Program