Acronym of SDLC

( Software Development Life Cycle ) The life cycle of system development (SDLC), the life cycle of software development for use in systems engineering and software engineering process, the formulation or revision of systems and models and methods for the development of these systems for them. Term, usually to computer or information systems refers.

the concept of software SDLC for the technical support, software development. These methods provide a framework for planning and monitoring the development of Information Systems: software development process.

life cycle system development (SDLC), process, logical, systems analyst, etc. used for the development of the information system, including requirements and ... Validation, Training, and user (actor) property. Any SDLC that the quality meets or exceeds the customer's expectations to the result in time and cost estimates. works effectively and efficiently the information, current and planned infrastructure, technical, communication and maintenance costs and improve the low.