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Acronym References

What is REDIS ?

Remote Dictionary Server

Redis( Uedis) key reserve - value inside memory (in -r 2R) is open source with selective persistence. This application is written with NCC (in English: ANSI C). Bunny is the open Redis vmwir.

the languages for which the library is a client-Redis, there are, including the following:
action script, CDs, CDs, CDs, Sharp, etc. ., the Common Lisp, etc., darts, etc. , etc., Gu., the Haskell, etc. Hawkes, PhD. Your him. Java. Javascript, etc. Loa and. -thirty, etc., Perl, etc., php, etc. pure Datta, etc., Python, etc. AR., the Ruby, etc. Scala, etc. Vine, t, si el. < < metadata > Redis gives several options for shelf life: - save a copy of the data to disk at regular intervals according to the rules specified by the user. - record in the description of events after receiving any writing request، that this description of events can be re-run on the next server interrogation. - disable persistence. - combination of the first two modes