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Acronym References

What is TLD ?

Top-level Domain

Top level domain that stands for the TLD will also be reincarnated, the highest level internet domain. The rest of the domain registered a subdomain of this domain, to the Andes, for example, the domain www.Example.com subdomain .com. Institution that this domain's registration, and adjusts the icon name is by driven.
This domain, three categories have been the domain of countries, the level, and . Plus, another group of domains, there are also belonging to the system has been temporary arpa.
The Domain level, the top of the featured countries should Code the ISO 3166 two-letter them and have these domains, for example .ir and .uk called ccTLD can be read.
the scope, level the top of the public that the gTLD is also called include .gov and .edu and .org and .net and .com and .mil