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Acronym References

What is AJAX ?

Asynchronous jаvascript And XML

A collection of standards and technology, is to help, they can be programs, web-based production that easily with users interact. With the use of these technologies and with the help of the transfer small pieces of data and information from computer servant (Server), the web pages from passive mode removed, and the reactions appropriate, events are doing. , architecture for new web applications is that speed is very much expanding. and less internet user is still to one of the pages that with this architecture have made the world, and of the capabilities of its super benefit is not. Gmail, Google Map, Google Suggest, etc. Orkut, and the names of familiar ... examples are from the application, . Using this architecture, web pages interact very well with users. Also, the most important advantage of this architecture is that other to do anything, etc. do not need the Web page loaded again.

collection technologies, ingredients, include:
Show standard, with the use of X HTML and C SS
display the dynamics and interaction using the Document Object Model
exchange and data manipulation using XML and XSLT, etc.
data recovery is non- using XMLHttpRequest,
finally jаvascript for assembling that do everything together.