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Acronym References

What is HTML ?

Hyper Text Markup Language

HTML, or HTML (markup language other material), the cornerstone of the web. a language to markup hypertext that to compile the form and page design, your website can be tough. , the language tags (Tag) names that are the content of a web page, etc. with it. the markings and thus, how to display it page for web browsers, etc. be described.

each of the labels, HTML, etc., and the meaning certain, and the impact of certain the content can coma. " for example, such labels to change the appearance of text, such as bold and bold a word or make link to other pages in the HTML-defined.

a document, HTML is a text based file (Text–based) is usually with the extension .htm or the .html named and the contents of the tag, the HTML is formed. Web browsers, which is able to understand and interpret tags in the HTML. every single one of them from inside the document, HTML is read and then the content of that page will appear (Render).