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Acronym References

What is POP ?

Post Office Protocol

The pope who, in fact, an agreement on international send and receive e-mails.This agreement by the ISPs support and can be used. Mail systems that are based on this protocol, projection, and are designed directly can be receptive to the software, such as Outlook, requirements, and users can also through this software, enter your mailbox are letters to read and answer them.

the advantage of having POP3 email is that you can get your emails through the software management desire get. Desire your in the system your best you and your emails offline study .. The speed of receiving and sending email with this method is much more of a condition, that is, the desire and the browser takes place. Also, you can make your letters with the help of editor, strong in software management, the desire is there, type?, image, or any file on your system, attach the letter and only to send the letter to connect to the internet, which is arguably the time and cost you on the internet will save.