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Acronym References

What is MITM ?
Man In The Middle
The middle person Attack (Man-in-the-middle attack) wrote with the short MITM and also known as the bucket brigade attack, or sometimes as the genus attack. In cryptography and computer security attack a person, Middle, manner of collision avoidance is activated rusher, communication and the marriage with the victim, establishes and makes messages between them playback does. In such a way that it believes them to speak in a direct and private relationship with each other, while all their conversations are controlled by the attacker. The attacker must have the ability to intercept all messages sent between the two victims and leave a fresh message to work in many situations. For instance, an attacker with an unencrypted message receiving a wireless access point (AI triple 802.11) could fit himself as a middle man.

a middle man attacker can succeed if he impersonates any endpoints with another consent. This is a bilateral (or lack of) authentication attack. Most encryption protocols include some forms of endpoints authentication, especially to prevent middle man attacks. For instance, the transmission layer security (SSL) can authenticate one or both parties using a trusted two-way certificate license....
What is VSCode ?
Visual Studio Code
Open source software coding all languages that were published by Microsoft Corporation in 2015....
What is TL ?
TL (TL) on Twitter stands for time line or the same page that we see tweets inside it....
What is IPFS ?
InterPlanetary File System
An open source project that creates a protocol for storing and accessing distributed content....
What is DAPP ?
Decentralized Application
Applications that run on a P2P network of computers rather than one central computer. This allows the software to run on the internet without being controlled by a single entity....
What is SQS ?
Simple Queue Service
Amazon Simple Queue Service (Amazon SQS) is a distributed message queuing service introduced by Amazon.com in late 2004. It supports the programmatic sending of messages via web service applications as a way to communicate over the Internet. SQS is intended to provide a highly scalable hosted message queue that resolves issues arising from the common producer-consumer problem or connectivity between producer and consumer....
What is HEIF ?
High Efficiency Image File
High Efficiency Image File (digital image format)...
What is SEA ?
Search Engine Advertising
Search Engine Advertising...