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What is ENDESA ?

Empresa Nacional de Electricidad, S.A

Andesa (Endesa) is Spain's largest Electricity Transmission Company. The company a subsidiary of Italian company Enel offers an annual power generation capacity of 97 6 600 GWh to a network of 10 million customers in Spain.

energy electricity produced by , through fuel. nuclear, fossil fuels, etc. hydroelectric power plant, renewable energy supply can be.

part of the international , etc. also has over 10 million customers across Latin America and Europe, has been the production of this section, the equivalent of 80, 100 and gigawatt hours per year have been announced. On December 31, 2004, the company announced total clients of both the external and internal parts of the company totaling 2 22.2 million subscribers.

the largest shareholder of the company include: company cock milking (67٫05% percent), the company (25٫01% percent) and Banco Bilbao (2 of 9% percent)