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Acronym References

What is QUALCOMM ?

QUALity COMMunications

Qualcomm, etc. (Qualcomm) company technology and communication equipment and telecommunication American. that in the month of July 1985 in San Diego, United States of America was founded and its headquarters also in the city.

the company in partnership with Franklin , etc. Adelia Kaufman, and. Andrew Cohen, etc. Klin ., the Yerevan Jacobs and Andrew has been established. The idea of it the first time, doctor Yerevan Jacobs was introduced. Their goal was to be able to communication quality. supply their in the telecommunications industry, as Tales is a start-up successful, visible formation, and thus. that Qualcomm was born. Now the company Qualcomm, has 157 branches, in different countries of the world.

Qualcomm in 1985 by graduates of the Massachusetts Institute of technology, and Professor Erwin. from the University of California, San Diego, along with Andrei , etc. was launched.

the first product of Qualcomm company, project, launch, satellite . that the company notes were purchased, and in the field of providing short message service and GPS activity). notes also by Parviz and Neil has been established.

in 1990, the company, Qualcomm attempted to produce telecommunication equipment remote facilities and mobile networks. which includes access equipment multiple split code, etc. integrated circuits, application specific, and at the beginning of the decade 2000 project, in partnership third-generation mobile network participation. The company in the field of standardization of mobile networks, which in the world, GSM offers. many innovations have been. Qualcomm also in the design and development system, global telecom, mobile, modern, etc. share a lot.