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Acronym References

What is CNPC ?

China National Petroleum Corporation

National Oil Company China state-owned company Oil and natural gas, is that as the largest company in the field of energy, people's Republic of China is considered to be. The central office of the company, in the area, Dongfeng, Chang, etc. Beijing.

of the National Oil Company of China., the owner of the company . This company from June 2010, as the second largest company in the world, in terms of the amount of the market value of the capital of the world. be known.

in the year of 1949 that people's Republic of China was built., the National Oil Company of China ... by China government and with the aim of fuel management in this country. was established. This company, as a subset, the Ministry of industry, fuel, etc. to work.

in January 1952, a group subsidiary in the Ministry of industry fuel this country. to manage the exploration of oil in China was formed, which, as the management of oil, was called. In July 1955 a new ministry; or the Ministry of oil, instead of the Ministry of industry, fuel was created. From 1955 to 1969, about 4 oil field by the ministry. in China, discovered. The 4 areas in the regions; the Qinghai, etc., Heilongjiang, etc. the Gulf of Bohai and sung , respectively.

national oil company in China. finally, on 17 September 1988, when the government of the country. the decision to dissolve the oil ministry and state-owned enterprises. was created, which in the wake of it. to handle all activities of Petroleum in China, the company was assigned.

international operations of the National Oil Company in China. began in 1993. The first contract, with the government of Peru has concluded, which related to the conduct of services, the management and development of oilfield in the country of Peru.

immediately, in the second step, a contract with the Sudanese government. that relate to the management of blocks 1, 2, and 4 in the oil field . Then, in June 1997, the company, etc. buys 60٫3% percent of the shares of the oil company , in Kazakhstan. A month later, national oil company of China in an international tender for Petroleum won, which is related to the development of two oil field in the country of Venezuela.

in July 1998, the company by the government of China, in accordance with the structure of the oil companies, etc. into two parts, upstream and downstream separation.

in August 2005 it was announced that the ... National Oil Company of China to buy Canadian company Petro Kazakhstan, which is in Alberta, . amount, 4. the 18 $ billion dollar agreement is reached. This purchase at the time, the largest transaction was, that by a Chinese company, outside of the country, was done.

in 2006, etc. 67% percent of the assets of the National Oil Company of China. company, established , etc. that your company of the National Oil Company of China, poses. was assigned.