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Acronym References

What is WNS ?
Wide Network Solutions
A British company is a satellite service provider....
What is UNF ?
Uniferst (UNF) is an American managed service company related to the stock exchange, founded in 1936.

What is سیتا ?
سرمايه گذاری سيمان تامين
Cement Investment Company supplying or holding cement supply a holding specialized investment in the cement industry (and related industries), the civil engineering and transportation, which is relying on its own resources and optimal use of it, " the role of leadership in the industries mentioned, it will play.
maintain and upgrade the capital value of the shareholders for holding a principle in which human capital (choice of managers, worthy of) the most important axis value holding is. The activity of the company is management, guidance, supervision and support of units and companies related to cement, civil and transportation industries....
What is PGSEZ ?
Persian Gulf Special Economic Zone
Special zone of Persian Gulf mining and metal industries...
What is NDR ?
Nord Deutscher Rundfunk
Northern Germany public radio station...
What is تكاب ?
كارخانه توليد اسناد بهادار
Vitrified documents, securities that under the set of the Central Bank of the Islamic Republic of Iran. the
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What is محب ?
موسسه حمايت از بيماران
The Institute for the support of patients (respect), a nonprofit institution in the field of treatment. With the goal of "Health for all" modern methods, to the development of Health Services desirable for the community pays. From this institute, as the organization examples of non-governmental sponsor of research, and entrepreneur, is the premier national cum is.

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