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Acronym References

What is LDR ?

Light Dependent Resistor

Resistance, optical, or El Di AR some kind of resistance is the electrical resistance that the effect of increasing the intensity of the light shined on it reduced, in other words, from your show.

The Resistance of light from a semi-conductor has a high resistance have been formed, and in the event that the light shined on it from the frequency sufficient to. photons absorbed by the semiconductor to the electron affiliate his energy enough to leap to the bar, the conductance can do. A free electron is obtained and holes, make sure the electric current to guide the work and to The Shape of the electric resistance is reduced.

resistance, optical may be inherent or artificial they are. A semi-conductor intrinsic, such as Silicon, etc., the only carrier of its own, and semi-conductor efficiency is not. In these semiconductors, only electrons available in layered Valance are and so the photons have enough energy to excite the electron in the length of the bar, forbidden to have. Semi-conductors or synthetic impurities that have the lowest energy electrons to the energy layer, the conductance is closer and because it does not require electrons a great distance to leap up. photons with less energy (i.e., wavelength greater and the frequency lower) to reduce the resistance enough to be. For instance, if some atoms of silicon with phosphorus (impurities), we replace the electron more, for the conductance will be available and semi-conductor derived a semi-conductor can be considered.