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Acronym References

What is GNI ?
Gross National Income
Gross national income (acronyms GNI), a variable flow has been and is of the value of the unsubsidized annual All final goods and services produced to the prices of the current (market) in the national economy.

The Value Added produced by the factors and the different parts of the economy of a nation, for a period of time (e.g., annual), etc. represent the gross national product of that country (nation) is. In fact, gross national product, etc. the value of total manufactured goods and services, the ultimate, which is an economic system around the world, and in a year given it is produced to express it.

for example, in the year 72 in Iran, income production in the Department of Agriculture, 1/19446 billion in oil group 0/6495 in the Department of industries and mines (including mine, industry, electricity, water, gas and building) 9/17389 and group services (including business services, restaurant, hotel, housekeeping, transportation, warehousing and communication services, financial institutions and monetary services, real estate and professional services and specialized services, public services, social, personal and household) 0/41146 billion rial has been. All figures are absolute. gross national product of the country in the year 1372, which is equivalent to 6/91124 billion rial has been, etc. can be calculated....
What is GNP ?
Gross National Product
Gross national product: in the review of gross national product have to this point, noted that the gross national product to two categories, gross national product, to price factors and gross national product at market prices divided can be. Gross national product at market prices, to that the market traded note is.

According to the value of all goods and services produced (which includes indirect and payment is), if indirect and payment of it be removed (ie, if the gross national product, taxes and subsidizes the pose is not) gross national product to the price of the factors comes to hand.

considering that the system of government now times support more , the government are in the declaration of gross national product Wishing of gross national product at market prices, which seems to have the bigger benefit....
What is شاپا ?
شماره استاندارد بین‌المللی پیایندها
Number international standard () or ISSN number the eight-digit complex individual is to specify a publication period, printed or electronic, goes to work. This standard by the International Organization for Standardization under the name ISO 3297 in 1975 to explain.

nowadays, the goal identification and easy storage access according to the various sources that continually release can find, such as normal or that of the multi-thread heterogeneous composition have been developed, and the continual release and have for continuous on the internet are available. These publications are the same traits printed. i.e. continually, and machine guns are released and continue indefinitely recover. ISSN of each Journal specific to that journal. Some magazines have two ISSN are that an ISSN relating to the electronic version of it, and ISSN or other version, copy it is, of course, the version, valid copy is more scientific if he is an ISSN listed. ISSN, copy mention. It should be noted that the ISSN consists of eight characters is that it\'s A “-” is placed, for example, ISSN e-journal, Insct Science number 7917-1744 is that this number be known. Of course, in some cases, the last digit of the that the Check digit could be called number is not, and instead the letter x is placed....
What is WaSP ?
ProtestantWeb Standards Project
Project web standards ( WaSP ) is a group of professional web developers that are based on web standards by the consortium, has been specifically work.

The Project web standards now ( December 2013) by understanding , etc. Gustafson, and Glenda Simões management .

general information :
- George Olsen (1998-1999)
- Jeffrey (1999-2002)
- Molly (2002-2006)
- Kimberly and Mac (2006-2008)
- understand the , etc. Gustafson, and Glenda Simões (2013-2008)...
What is FEN ?
Forsythe Edwards Notation
Taker Forsyth–Edwards (in the form of summary FEN or fan) is a standard markup to describe the conditions on a chess board. This method of notation all the necessary information to rearrange a page and transfer all information related to it has.

fan is a journalist Scottish, the name David Forsyth was proposed by Steven Development found.

fan can be just in a line, and using characters ski a chess board to define. In the computer world files, a fan with extensions .fen are specified....
What is CVSS ?
Common Vulnerability Scoring System
The points system vulnerability, videos, or CVSS is a standard, and industrial, to evaluate and determine the severity of a vulnerability of the computer. This system tries to assign a rating to the amount of severity of the injury , etc. to the respondents to give the possibility that in order to fix the vulnerability, desire, priorities and resources needed to devote to it will lose. This scoring by the formula is calculated, which has a few criteria. who is trying to ease the exploit, and also the effects of the exploit that vulnerability to determine. Scores in the range of 0 to 10. where 10 to the fiercest threat refers. While often the rating base of the CVSS to determine the extent of the severity of the vulnerability refer. points in time and location, there are also the way to follow to determine the available being a way of coping with the threat and also the amount of the extensiveness of the vulnerability of the systems in an organization.

the latest version of CVSS version CVSSv3 that in June 2015, was published.

during the years 2003/2004, during the research by the Association advisory, infrastructure, national (NIAC) with the aim of creating a standard system and, industrial to determine the severity vulnerabilities computer for accepted, etc., eventually led to the creation of CVSS version 1 (CVSSv1) in February 2005. This draft(version) primary is never contingent on review by other organizations was not. In April 2005, the organization NIAC, the response to the incident and security team (FIRST), responsible for the development of CVSS in the future.

After receiving feedback from the that CVSSv1 in their products, use them. it became clear that \"significant problems in the early draft of the CVSS\" there. Work on the CVSS version II (CVSSv2) from April 2005 and began work on the technical specifications of its end of June 2007 began.

After receiving the feedback more in the year 2012, on the CVSS version III (CVSSv3) was started. that finally this version in June 2015 with the name of the CVSSv3.0 is released.
What is SGML ?
Standard Generalized Markup Language
Play the El or markup language generalized standard (SGML) is the standard for the structure of the language markup. This language alone for markup in documents applied, but as the basis for the standardization of language, the markup is no longer used and because of that, it say. For the sample HTML, a markup language based on SMS, A the IS and X the A other is that of MGM El benchmarking.

play the El standard ISO 8879, the International Organization for Standardization. This principles for writing the logical structure of a document, and the tradition of naming its elements is expressed....
What is HEVC ?
High Efficiency Video Coding
Encode the video higher-yielding (to a friend, he thirty) HEVC)), which is the name of a friend.265 (H. 265) and -friend Part 2 (MPEG-H Part 2) is also known, from the standards developing video compression and the succession for a friend.264/-4, PVC (codec, video ago gone), which is now at the stage of joint development by the Moving Picture Experts Group () International Organization for Standardization/Committee international group of coding experts videos (PVC, G) IP t u-t. and PVC, a team collaboration shared to my video (a CT-PVC) for the development of the standard to a friend, he thirty formed. Said to be a friend, he thirty-compared to a friend.264, the image quality improves., the compression ratio will double and makes a resolution of 240 × 320, 4320 × 8192 pixels (the TV resolution is very high - 8K UHD) right through to.

What is FHS ?
Filesystem Hierarchy Standard
The standard of hierarchy of file system (FHS), the structure and content of the in the operating system, pseudo- of the modal. This standard by the Linux Foundation is supported. The latest version of this standard version 3. the 0, is date, June 2015 was released. Now the standard just in the Linux operating system is used.

in the standard hierarchy of the file system(FHS), all files and in root (root directory) / present (even if it and files on the physical device and the virtual other (relative to the Root) are stored.). Some of these only on a system specified there. if that subsystem, a certain, such as the system window X to be installed.

most of these in all operating systems there are generally application and it works in a different system similar to also. However, an explanation that in the case of the function in the following will come specifically for the FHS can be used for platforms in the cloud other than Linux are not valid....
What is IQ ?
Installation Qualification
standard that when the installation of device production lines....
What is ISIN ?
International Standard Name Identifier
The international standard ID, name, ISIN, a method of naming the creator or producers of media, like books, programs, television, newspapers, paper and similar items that includes a 16-section numeric that to four blocks, or groups, are divided.

This is the standard under the international standards organization (ISO) (ISO) setting can be that latest version in the standard 27729 publish 15-03-2012 provided....
What is SSN ?
Social Security Number
Social Security number (SSN) is a number, not a digit in the United States, which for citizens of USA, permanent residents, and temporary (working) to be issued. This number is the Social Security Administration independent from the government of the United States of America for people to be issued and the identity of the subjects specifies its main purpose is to track individuals for the purposes of Social Security....
What is URN ?
Uniform Resource Names
URN (' uniform-source) ID OF ى for sources of news transmission.
This initiative from the year 1966 with the formation of groups who started and all it boasts the way of the heart). Thus, from October 1999, this group all of the tasks completed. eight standard it boasts published, and in preparing the 3 items remained. hence, the expected as well as standards URN to be perfect.
URN) coating is that they adapt to all the system of the existing Journal, including DOI, etc.. Each URN from the 3 episodes has been formed, which include: letters, ى URN, etc. Id Name ( Name Space Identifier, - NID), and row of the specific name (NSS) (as in standards it boasts Rfe2141 description is given).
NSS ID O like the ISBN. NID unique name registered for the system, which compromise privacy, such as WHO to death. Registered global NID via the internet by source, assign a number in the internet (IANA) and be deprived of that in the standard it boasts Rfe2611 described, etc. prohibited.
with standard it boasts Rfe2288 be received that ISBN is precisely compatible with the URN. From the viewpoint of " if the NID based on the ISBN. URN must be a part of the ISBN, making. URNى that of the ISBN are made, this figure will be.(URN:ISBN:(isbn string
so, the ISBN of an existing can apply to The Shape of the URN yesterday. By adding URN:ISBN against the ISBN available, the action trees of people have become ISBN as URN do not have to worry. The exception is the first that ISBN should be consumers, the ISBN and the members of the service URL, notified).
URN services, it boasts adjustable, created to supply him the possibility of ى your source or describe its source, immoral or ى from the base that it boasts (URL), it shows that it is a source of it is available.
look at the users internet work with URN is very comfortable. Instead of that I meant (URL) in the browser (Browser) type pressure cooker can take only the number who will use it. The system according to the standard it boasts the http and DNS.
ISBN the point of beginning of period for the coming into being of Service URN. Considering that (ISSN) for having , etc. requires a database account from the Quran. there are books of biography National for the efficiency of the ISBN is enough. Usually, with ISBN, more convenient. for example, all ISBN finding that with the 951 or 952 start, which are owned by Finland. If the service of people like URN there. can apply through the system, the Domain Name specified.
for example, " to him that 3 The Beginning, which are, or belong to Germany. or Switzerland.
the use of URN is free and great to pay the amount to the IETF or IANA. in fact, they create fixed service URN free. and no ى political about that what this service, what is the situation the supply of'. does not exist. In addition, the library of the national questionnaire the system, who has ended successfully.
there are database of the account books of biography on the National for future Services Fixed who God is....
What is FEC ?
Forward Error Correction
The rate of error correction.
in electronics, and Broadcasting System-satellite to a number by a fraction that direction, correcting the error relative received signal and a waste of it. refers....
What is IRR ?
Iranian Rial
According to the standard ISO-4217 rial, Iran's currency, with symbol IRR in the trading world can be shown....
What is EUAV ?
Equilvalent Uniform Annual Value
The value of annual uniform...
What is GS1 ?
Global Standards One
A 1 (GS1) is an International Association of non-profit for the development of, international standards.
code number a 1 countries that barcodes are also used, in order to lay the standards coordinator to identify the products of different countries of the as well as selected text inserted on products of different companies. This, to the transparency and efficiency of the supply and demand of global and also the value chain transmitted at the level of the world is used. These codes are three-digit in the first as well as selected text 13 the number listed on products brought. The main headquarters of this organization in Brussels, Belgium and Lawrence Ville, New Jersey, USA, is now close to one hundred members.

log codes International a 1 for countries:
000 – 019 U.S. and Canada
020 – 029 distribution, enclosed - a limited partnership
030 – 039, Pharmaceutical, the US - system letter Pharmaceutical International
040 – 049 distribution, enclosed - a limited partnership
050 – 059 coupons
060 – 099 U.S. and Canada
100 – 139 U.S. - booked for future use
200 – 299 distribution, enclosed - a limited partnership
300 – 379 France and Monaco,
380 Bulgaria
383 Slovenia
385 Croatia
387 Bosnia and Herzegovina
400 – 440 Germany - code number 440 after joining again, and East and West Germany
450 – 459 Japan
460 – 469 Russian
470 Kyrgyzstan
471 Taiwan
474 Estonia
475 Latvia
476 Azerbaijan
477 Lithuania
478 Uzbekistan
479 Sri Lanka
480 Philippines
481 Belarus
482 Ukraine
484 Moldova
485 Armenia
486 Georgia
487 Kazakhstan
489 Hong Kong
490 – 499 Japan
500 – 509 United Kingdom
520 Greece
528 Lebanon
529 Cyprus
530 Albany
531 Macedonia
535 Malta
539 Ireland
540 – 549 Belgium and Luxembourg
560 Portugal
569 Iceland
570 – 579 Denmark, Faroe Islands and Greenland
590 Poland
594 Romania
599 Hungary
600 – 601 South Africa
603 Ghana
608 Bahrain
611 Morocco
613 Algeria
616 Kenya
618 century
619 Tunisia
621 Syria
622 Egypt
624 Libyan
625 Jordan
626, Iran
627, Kuwait
628 Saudi Arabia
629 United Arab Emirates
640 – 649 Finland
690 – 695 China
700 – 709 Norway
729 Israel
730 – 739 Sweden
740 Guatemala
741 El Salvador
742 Honduras
743 Nicaragua
744 Costa Rica
745 Panama
746, Republic of
750 Mexico
754 – 755 Canada
759 Venezuela, Bolivarian Republic of
760 – 769 Switzerland and Liechtenstein
770 Colombia
773 Uruguay
775 Peru
777 Bolivia
779 Argentina
780 Chile
784 Paraguay
785 Peru
786 Ecuador
789 – 790 Brazil
800 – 839 Italy, San Marino and the Vatican
840 – 849 Spain and Andorra
850 Cuba
858 Slovakia
859 Czech Republic
860 Serbia Montenegro and the Iranian
865 Mongolia
867 North Korea
868 – 869 Turkey
870 – 879 Netherlands
880 South Korea
885 Thailand
888 Singapore
890 India
893 Vietnam
899 Indonesia
900 – 919 Austria
930 – 939 Australia
940 – 949 New Zealand
950 central office
955 Malaysia
958 Macau
977 series published by ISSN
978 – 979 series published by ISBN
980 open, once taken,
981 – 982 coupons common
990 – 999 coupons...
What is MARC ?
MAchine Readable Cataloging
Marc (MARC) standards to W / W in library sciences.
name brands, shape, abbreviation list, blogging, readable for the machine in English.
system, marking the first time in the United States by the library of Congress came into existence to organize and spread information book cognitive possible.
the information in mark, including headings,! number, Dewey etc. classification, library of Congress, and other topics....
What is JPA ?
Java Persistence API
A standard is that how to implement ORM in Java, explains.
This contains a standard PDF file and a JAR file ....