Acronym of KO

( Knock Out )
Nak August or ko (knockout or KO) is a criterion of victory in tournament combat sports such as boxing, etc., kickboxing, etc. Mo I, Tai, etc., martial arts, a combination of taekwondo, etc. , etc. etc. Ko full is when the opponent can continue fighting, it is not.

the so-called Nak, August, often to sudden loss of consciousness caused by a physical trauma are applied. Hit a strength day to the head (especially the jaw line and temporal lobe) can lead to concussions or acid reflux sinus carotid along with syncope, and result in a Nak, August, sudden and dramatic to happen. A kick to the body, especially the fists straight to the liver, can also cause pain progressive and debilitating, and eventually knocks be.

In some sports, including boxing and kickboxing, etc. when the opponent on the mat could be due to fatigue, pain, dizziness or lack of alertness to be able to rise up in the designated period of time not knocks to be considered. For example, if a boxer knocking down and within ten seconds, fails to keep fighting it. Nak August is considered to be and her opponent's victory points it receives.

in the martial arts, a combination ('ve. 've. O) (MMA), but no a certain time after the knocking down is not considered to be a ... because hook up the opponent unto submission, and also to soil throw and hit the truck, it is allowed. If a fighter in the result, hit, legal, etc., consciousness, will lose (or " wobble eat) or after knocking down fails immediately defend itself., The Knocks can be considered. Since many of the struggles of the world. 've. O. Instead of standing, you may be subject to conflicts on the ground to be drawn, possibility of registration rating Nak August through marinating the opponent and hit him there and this is one of the common scenarios the victory in such competitions.