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Acronym References

What is FTM ?

Female To Male

F you've (FTM) or (trans man) to transsexual and that it is said that at the time of birth with the organs of sex come into the world, but in society as a man can be known. The term transsexual female to male will not be instead of to enjoys the job, although, usually, the wrong done, and this two word instead to work brand. The difference of these two words, since that woman to man only on the basis of social behavior as a man can be known, but in the transsexual woman to man, is possible with surgery change sex, the sexual organs also in the form of men turn. of female to male is usually surgery, sex change doesn't do.

the term or F you've actually summed two words, transsexual female to male, and to well. May be the order of or th U F A female to male, a transsexual woman to man, neither or both. to a broad term that to all those notes that at the time of birth, as women have been known, but in the social behavior of Man are known, such as a drag king in. Converter MILF, xHamster shemale, xHamster gangbang, double penetration, and sex, strange, and all the other people who are as are known.

unlike to man, transsexual woman to Man, exclusively to transsexual such notes that at the time of birth, as women have been known, but called for the man are becoming more. of course, sometimes the so-called new man, also for the transsexual that goes to work that surgery sex change have done, and has organs of men are.FTM