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Acronym References

What is ELISA ?

Enzyme-Linked ImmunoSorbent Assay

Testing Eliza or ELISA (ELISA test) and an acronym (Enzyme-linked immunosorbent technique in biochemical screening. Testing Eliza in principle, for quality control in plant medicine arose initially in Veterinary Medicine in order to diagnose infectious diseases, was used then as a method of laboratory diagnosis of some human diseases, was applied. Test Eliza is a test standard for the discovery of the virus in the blood is a standard, Universal for use in hospitals, the blood bank and the organization of blood transfusion, especially in the diagnosis of AIDS can be. In Eliza your virus search not to be, but the size of the antibody(antibodies) in the body that the person is infected with a virus(like HIV) are produced, the size can be taken.

test Eliza a Experiment cheap, and relatively accurate, and in which a sample of blood taken and in the top of the centrifuge can be. After separation of serum the blood from the particles of a substance, the reagent(depending on the virus, case tracking) to blood serum be added that the solution's color and makes the existence of antibodies anti-virus, select the highlights.

frequently, to avoid false positive results in Eliza, the after positive Eliza test, the Western Blot for verification is used.

test Elisa, in the usual mode for tracing antigens or antibodies in use so that one of these two substances in the solid bed to be fixed and to trace the latter could be used, but basically for tracking any pair of a substance that, like a pair of antigen and antibodies to both trends have the power, connect an appropriate ratio to have can be used (for example, the lectin to the ligand relevant to his or molecule to the recipient, dedicated his) Of course, this phenomenon, i.e. the connection between the two, a substance that antibodies and antigens, but tends to have most often problematic is to raise the sensitivity and the connection between antibodies and antigens in Elisa have the unwanted connections to somehow harness and or compensatory required to be considered.ELISA