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Acronym References

What is LEZ ?

Low-Emission Zone

The range of traffic with emissions of contaminants less (LEZ) is an area of pre-defined, which is to help improve the quality of air pollution; access some of the vehicles, pollutants bound to it or have been banned.

the law may be in favor of vehicles such as hybrid electric vehicles or vehicles without pollution (green), such as vehicles, all-electric is.

the range of traffic with pollution, zero as well as the range of traffic with emissions of pollutants is lower, with the difference that only cars with a pollution zero entry permit to it have.

in limited like this, the entry of all vehicles has the internal combustion engine banned have been, that even this restriction includes the hybrid cars, as well.

The only vehicles, all-electric is allowed to traffic in this area can be, move with the footy or walk The rides, as well as vehicles such as Tram and ... bus, electric devices of the hand.LEZ