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Acronym References

What is PKK ?

Partiya Karkerên Kurdistanê

The Kurdistan Workers Party that stands for The Shape of the PKK, he gets the name of a group of leftist and armed in Kurdistan of Turkey that since 1984 as the organization guerrilla known that for an armed struggle against the Turkish state for autonomy in Kurdistan and the rights of cultural and political Kurds in Turkey fight. Also, the group by the US, the EU and many countries as a terrorist group is known.

C.K. Pre-K than seeking to create an independent state in Kurdish in the south and south-eastern Turkey. But now looking for the rights of cultural and linguistic Kurds and make some sort of PA in the framework of the borders of Turkey, and after the thirty-year conflict from late 2012 between the Turkish government and Abdullah Ocalan, the leader message.K. K., the peace negotiations started.

the party in the 70's as an organization would emerge, in the late 80's and 90's the greater part of southeastern Turkey, the scene of clashes between this group and the Turkish army was. The founder and leader of the party Abdullah Ocalan is now in prison in the island, the main goal now near Istanbul to take over. Since the absence of criticism, and was transferred to the prison, the PKK practically by one press release and a team of commanders of old were guided.PKK