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Acronym References

What is MTF ?

Male To Female

(trans woman), or trance, or th u f (MTF) to transsexual and that it is said that at the time of birth with the male sex organs have been born, but in society as a woman are known. The term to not be used instead of transsexual male to female used, Of course, this is a common mistake and usually the majority of people these two instead they use. The difference there is that transsexual male-to-female at birth, with male sex organs have been born, but based on the diagnosis, the community and social behaviors, as a woman, are known, and these people are usually the steps to change sex, they do that to those steps, the change is said to be, but to a broad term that to all the people, it is said that at birth, as Man, have been known, but in the community as they are known (That could be transsexual as well as in the catch) is not necessarily surgery, sex change and the stages of change is not conducted. male to female can include a drag queen shops. converter MILF, xHamster sex, strange, or of it.

Lilly Elbe, as the first trance will be known and the movie Danish Girl, the story of his life.