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Acronym References

What is G ?


Position or the point of a (G-Spot) or position Grafenberg (Grafenberg Spot) the name of the spot is in the vagina. This position is in the depth of the approximate two-thirds of the walls of the anterior (roof) , is located. Abbreviated name position a derived from the name of Ernst gynecologist is that for the first time in 1944, this point is described. Many women believe that sex (orgasm) is essential, while many also believe that no.Strengthen the point A, or G SPOT AMPLIFICATION with collagen injections to it by the gynecologist performed and increase the desire and sexual pleasure and strengthen orgasm vaginally . This injection about ten minutes under local anesthesia in the clinic is done.

for many ladies., the point of a region is very sensitive and stimulating it is necessary to it, gives pleasure. To the other point raised in, is that if more than the size of the manipulation be the person feeling the excretion of urine, and makes a number of ladies, no sensory at this point not feel and so, too, at this point, in the vagina, not the whole sensitivity to this point, in the days of the different months is different.