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Acronym References

What is ETA ?

Euskadi Ta Askatasuna

ETA (founded: 1959) stands for the name of a group of Marxist armed Basque is that its purpose separation region, the Basque country of Spain and France and the establishment of an independent country, in all regions of the Basque country, including the province of Spain, Navarre is. The full name of this group up (Basque Country and freedom) is, in the media group with the name of ETA, also are known.

God, finally, in 2018, during a 's liquidated general, the group said, the government in reaction to it said:

all the members of this group should be the MEED of their works will agree, and the prompt liquidation of this group, radical wouldn't change a thing.

despite the reforms in the new constitution of Spain (after the death of Franco in 1975) that the possibility of local autonomy in its stipulated time. ETA demanded the rejection of any communication with the government of Spain.ETA