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Acronym References

What is TVXQ ?
Tong Vfang Xien Qi
T he x Kyo (TVXQ), Department of boyish Kay-pop is in Japan with the title (Tohoshinki), and sometimes with the German Ki (DBSK), which summarized the Dong Bang Shin Ki is also known. Group title to "dawn of the gods of the East" has been translated.

This group in 2003, under the IT, and as Group 5, etc., consisting of in. Max ., the Hiro, what Jong-in. Mickey and Shea , etc. began immediately after the release of the first single track, "the embrace", in 2004, among the public became known, the singles, ranked fourth in the table, the iPhone, the Ki took place. First two albums of the group. "Triangle" in 2004 and "rising sun" in 2005, both among the best-selling albums were, and caused the reputation of the group outside of Korea were. T he x Kyo, in 2006, under oaks and with the album "Heart, Mind, and spirit," entered the music industry in Japan was limited success was faced....
What is ETA ?
Euskadi Ta Askatasuna
ETA (founded: 1959) stands for the name of a group of Marxist armed Basque is that its purpose separation region, the Basque country of Spain and France and the establishment of an independent country, in all regions of the Basque country, including the province of Spain, Navarre is. The full name of this group up (Basque Country and freedom) is, in the media group with the name of ETA, also are known.

God, finally, in 2018, during a 's liquidated general, the group said, the government in reaction to it said:

all the members of this group should be the MEED of their works will agree, and the prompt liquidation of this group, radical wouldn't change a thing.

despite the reforms in the new constitution of Spain (after the death of Franco in 1975) that the possibility of local autonomy in its stipulated time. ETA demanded the rejection of any communication with the government of Spain....
What is COBRA ?
Copenhagen, Brussels, Amsterdam
Cobra (CoBrA) is a group of artistic, European, be that from 1948 until 1951 was active. The name cobra from the first letters of the cities Copenhagen, Denmark, Brussels and Amsterdam is taken that the founders of the group in the inhabit were. The paintings in this group strongly Expressionist and under the influence of the art of children. Them, as a group, the concerns of serious social and political activist. Members of the founder of Cobra Carl, iPhone, iPad, Jan , etc. , etc. and Ernst were. In 1949, a major exhibition at the museum Amsterdam, with the title experimental art international waged....
What is KOL ?
Kings of Leon
Kol is a rock band American who is in Nashville, TN, Tennessee, etc. took shape in 1999....
What is MCR ?
My Chemical Romance
Mai Chemical Romance that often for MCR stands for. rock band 5, American is your job in the year of 2001 began. The origin group of the state of New Jersey, United States. Members of the group to arrange age include: Gerard ... Ray Toro. Bob , etc., Michael James ("), and Frank .

it's the first album Their Name Is bullet My My ... Love The brought me in the year 2002 and with the label records were released. In the year 2004 to follow the same story, "Love and revenge", the second album called hooray for revenge enjoyable[2] to the market that they were selling one week album sales in two years, the album already was more. The third album by the group to the name of the division in 2006 was shipped, which, like the second album was a success.The fourth album of the group. days dangerous: real life , amazing, etc. was released in 2010. All three of this album's company Records has released. Mai Chemical Romance had 2 Live DVD in 2006 and 2008 to the market supply. It's a few songs from the works of other groups to reread and have a few song independent of the album, Their have published. On 22 March 2013, the group, journos of the, Mai romance announced....
What is GOT ?
Game of Thrones
Play The Pretender is a television series American-style fantasize epic that is David and Di. EBay. Weiss, for the net friend, he is made of. This collection, drawn from the best-selling story collection, fantasy, George, AR. AR. Martin, namely the song of ice and fire. The first book of this series, The Game The Pretender is called. Filmed set in the workshop recording a video, paintball Hull, Belfast and also in Malta, Croatia, Iceland and Morocco. Broadcast the seventh season of 16 July 2017 began, and on 27 August 2017 finished. The series with the eighth chapter consists of six parts, in the year 2019 and ends.

The Story of the serial on the continent, imaginary Vasteras and Asus, etc. near the end of a summer of 10-year-old happens and several story line to follow. The first story to the war between the aristocratic families to obtain Flat Iron Kingdom the seven climate-related. The second story line, etc. close to being the winter long, and the onslaught of creatures in The Legend of the North describes, and the third story line set, trying, Children, The King deposed, to retake the pretender. This set of characters that ethics vaguely. around such issues as social classes, religion, loyalty, etc., corruption, civil war, and punishment.

play The Pretender gains a new record number of viewers in the network to a friend, he is, and in different countries, a lot of fans. Despite the use of nudity, violence and sexual violence, which critics to this set arrived. critics comments positive frequency in the case of this series have been. This series has been nominated and won many awards, is among the it can be to the nomination Emmy Award The Best Drama Series for each of the four seasons played. a nomination of a Golden Globe Award for Best Television Series Drama and a nomination Hugo Awards for best show, drama, noted. Peter also to play the role of Tyrion Lannister has managed to receive two Emmy Awards for Best Supporting Actor and a Golden Globe Award, Best Supporting Actor....
What is SR4 ?
Sergio Ramos
Stands, Sergio Ramos player No. 4 team Real Madrid...
What is LM10 ?
Lionel Messi
The name of the player of Barcelona Lionel Messi...
What is JLO ?
Jennifer Lopez
Jennifer Lynn Lopez (Jennifer Lynn Lopez) aka J-Lo (J. Lo) born 24 July 1969, the singer, actress and ... dancer., the producer of music, television producer and fashion designer Puerto Rican descent people in the United States. Jennifer Lopez by the Journal of economic American Forbes as the richest actress of Latin descent people of Hollywood dedicated to the alliance. Jennifer Lopez in the list of 100, the person most influential and influential American Latinos, etc. by the Journal of Ann as people prime favorites.

he had to pay attention to the reputation and becomes more popular as a superior art in the ad, he peer advertise Cologne, and of the modes of the various companies, and earnings of the huge sums earned. In addition, he serves as an advocate for Human Rights and also in relation to vaccination, pediatrician at Children's Hospital Los Angeles has been active. Jennifer Lopez, your career as a dancer with the game set in the comic TV color began. Then, with the advent of in movie emotion and Action money train in 1995, to head languages.

the first film that he, as an actor, key, etc. role playing ... the movie with the genre of biography to the name of Selena, who was to the 1997, built. in this movie Jennifer Lopez as an actress, outstanding and distinctive successful was the award alma. Movie out of sight to the 1998 film was that he was the second prize alma because of his role in the IT business. Then in the movie, the humor, planner, marriage, in Manhattan you want to merely dance on? And monster, respectively, in 2001، 2002، 2004، 2005 role-playing . Movie, you want to merely dance on? And monster for Jennifer Lopez in terms of economic achievement, great as they were.

in 1999, Lopez as the first. album it de Six take refuge in the music market. That singles top and famous "if you love me, have" found him. The second studio album Jennifer Lopez by the name J. Lo in the year 2001 with the sale of eight million copies in the whole world, a great achievement of the Financial, for he was considered. Album J To Tha L-O! The Remixes also in 2002, the second album in a row, Jennifer, who was in tops the list of the 200 albums the Premier American music was. The third and the fourth studio album of this American star called This Is Me... Well now at 19 November 2002 and was again on the first of March 2005 row number 2 the list of the Billboard 200 are allocated to. In 2007, her first album all the Spanish language to name as a heart and conflicts have launched, also, he on the sixth of October of the same year the fifth studio album by the English, and in total, the sixth album with the name of the brave available to supporters of the alliance. He was in the 2003 award-winning "American Music Award for Favorite pop/rock female Artist" that special female singers in pop and rock. was also in the year 2007 award, "American Music Award for Favorite Latin Artist"... for artists, the descent can be it will. According to the latest statistics, Jennifer Lopez, more than 25 million copies of their albums in the whole world has sold out. In the TV contest American Idol, which corresponds to the discovery of talent in the field of a single reading. Jennifer Lopez in the jury's active. On Channel CBS Jennifer as the first guest of the program "dialogue" company....
What is CR7 ?
Cristiano Ronaldo
Player name Team Real Madrid (Christiano Ronaldo)...
What is MJ ?
Michael Jackson
Michael Joseph Jackson (Michael Joseph Jackson) (born: 29 August 1958 – died: June 25, 2009); or, music don, a businessperson, etc. singer, songwriter and. Song Maker, producer, dancer and. choreographer, etc. actor, and. poet. author, Painter etc., Entertainment, maker, and entrepreneur., the philanthropist and human rights activist people in America. He called the king of pop (King of Pop) was famous....
What is MCH ?
Michael Carlisle Hall
Michael Carlisle Hall Award nominee, Golden Globe and Emmy Awards, actress, American. He, more because of their roles as David Fisher in the series Six Feet Under dirt, and in the role of Dexter Morgan in the set, Dexter is known....
What is JB ?
Justin Bieber
Justin Drew Bieber (Justin Drew Bieber) (born March 1, 1994); the singer, songwriter and. actress and entertainer, the people of Canada. By year-end 2011 (est. 36 million copies of the works (13 million albums and 23 million singles), the singer in the world to sell is reached....
What is MSC ?
Michael Schuma Cher
Michael Schumacher (German Michael Schumacher) was born in 3 January 1969 in the city of Hurth in North Rhine-Westphalia in Germany, driver, German Formula One racing....
What is HBK ?
Heart Break Kid
A renowned individual in the sport of wrestling, which is mostly the person with the name HBK or Shawn Michaels as well....