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Acronym References

What is برجام ?
برنامه جامع اقدام مشترک
The agreement of comprehensive and final nuclear deal Vienna, known as the official Comprehensive Plan of joint action or (Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action) in line with the comprehensive agreement on the nuclear program in Iran following the nuclear talks, Thursday, 23 July 1394 (14 July 2015) in Vienna, Austria between Iran, the EU and the group 1 5 (includes China, France, Russia, the United Kingdom, the USA and Germany) was concluded.

the formal negotiations for the Joint Comprehensive Plan of action on Iran's nuclear program, accept the interim deal in Geneva on Iran's nuclear program in November 2013 began. For 20 months countries involved in the negotiation were that in April 2015 nuclear ' was formed.

under the agreement, Iran reserves enriched medium herself clearing the Will, and storage of uranium with low richness up to 98% cut off. and the number may take about two-thirds, and at least 15 years reduces. 15 years later, Iran has agreed that uranium to more than 3. the 67 enrichment does not, or facility, uranium enrichment or heavy-water reactor new, Rahman. The activities of uranium enrichment for 10 years to a single building, that of Israel and the first generation uses will be limited. Other facilities are also as per the protocol and the International Atomic Energy Agency to avoid the potential risks of proliferation nuclear weapons conversion will be. To monitor and verify the implementation of the agreement by Iran, the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) to all the facilities Iran's nuclear access regular will be. The result of this agreement, which approval stable accompanies it, Iran from sanctions against Iran, the Security Council of the United Nations. the European Union and the United States (sanctions, secondary) will come forth.

This round of talks, nuclear program of Iran and the group 5 1 from noon on Saturday June 27, 2015, in the hotel in Vienna, Austria, attended by John Kerry, the minister of state of the United States of America and Mohammad Javad Zarif, the minister of foreign affairs of Iran and the BA, the two sides began. The deadline time, the talks, etc. on June had been set as three times, respectively, third, tenth and thirteenth of July extended....
What is POLICE ?
Protection of Life in Civil Establishment
Organization of security for life and investment in the institutions of civil...
What is USAID ?
United States Agency for International Development
Representing the United States for International Development also famous by the name "department for International Development, the American" office, is a military that is the United States of America has been established. The goal of the Department of development assistance extended and support of individuals, countries, disaster struck for having a life, and having the country's democracy.

foreign aid the US has always been to the two objectives depend:

advance the interests of American foreign policy in the spread of democracy and the free market in developing countries.
collaborate with IT, field development prepared.
The Bureau of Consumer 1. the 5 percent of the federal budget.

in 1915, the American state at the time of Herbert Hoover the help of their long to the government of Belgium after the war Germany implemented. On June 30, 1945 the U.S. government on the Marshall Plan reconstruction of Europe called (ECA) contribution decisions. In 1951 that the Civil War, Correa has started to be the US government under the name of (MSA)-cooperation (FOA) administer the activities of the foreign later named (ICA), and international aid the performance of the

in 1961 by John Kennedy, the law, the recapitalization of American foreign penetrating was. And administration (ICA), with other auxiliary units America United has been called (USAID), leading to the emergence took place, and since then the bureau has officially used started. That the program was based.

development aid to countries
prevent the destruction of the
help to poor countries that the people it is attempting to of hunger escaped and the owner of the better life hereafter.
the development and reform of democracy in the countries of the world.
This office is independent under the policy, Secretary of state, America, work. Presently, the department in sub-Saharan Africa, Asia, Latin America and the carabiner, Europe and Middle East cooperation. The administration in Afghanistan are also valuable services implemented. The central office of the department in Washington and offices across the world committed to. The department work closely with private organizations, volunteers, universities, companies, American, European and international organizations and. agencies of the United States and other governments. The department has 300 employees, volunteer, sign of cooperation with the 3500 Afghan-American relationship. the bureau in the presidency, every president changes. That every president in the development and the bureau capture the extreme or industry sectors, an extra join have made....
What is USPIS ?
United States Postal Inspection Service
Home Inspection Service, mailing, the United States (USPIS), the service of the police dependent on the Postal Service of America. The Bureau the task of dealing with is to, in any way, intend to abuse the use of Service postal, employees or the Postal Service's and also have a duty of care of employees and customers relating to postal services as well....
What is LOC ?
Library Of Congress
The National Library of Congress, the National Library, USA, the research arm of the Congress of the United States, the oldest Institute of Cultural the U.S. Federal Government, and the largest library the world is in the capital of the United States of America, the city of Washington, D.C., is located.

head of the library of Congress "Librarian of Congress" is called, and now James this side is capable.

on 24 April 1800 was John Adams, then president of America a bill to the US Congress sent based on it, in addition to the transfer of the capital of the country, from Philadelphia to the new city of Washington, allocate the amount of $ 5,000 for the establishment of a library containing the books usable and useful for the members of Congress also agree. Thus, by compiling a collection of 3000 cutaneous on the part of the Capitol building, the new Congress - is the cornerstone of the first library of Congress was laid.

but, in fact, base this on what is now known as the greatest library of the known world. owe events that 15yrs later happened. In August 1814, the British Army, with fire to the Congress building, library small, it is also destroyed.

a year later, Thames, Jefferson, president emeritus, American, etc., in exchange for 23950 dollars, your personal library that contains 6487 books in various subjects of artistic, philosophical, mathematics, science, medicine, psychology, etc. presented in the Congress.

In 1864., the Abraham Lincoln personal to the head of the library of Congress was appointed, which was supposed to be the library during the next 30 years, change shape. Rand Collection, Library of Congress, it is much expanded, and to this institution the role of the National new on a shoestring budget. successful was the law right of the author to change up the library of Congress of any book, map, chart, plays, works, music, gravure, etc. printed materials or photos that to get the right author to the library of Congress can provide. 2 version free Get. also, during an agreement with the organization of the Smithsonian to form a regular start to The Collected Works, Scientific American, and the documents of Foreign through the exchange.

another law library to enable making copies of numerous talks in the parliament and all the laws of the United States to get free. of this, for the exchange of documents with all countries with which the United States diplomatic relations were used.

, etc., in the same way that the forecast was, the speed of all the rooms and with the flood of material incoming new accumulation. He in 1873 to a new building that was supposed to be the House Permanent Collection, a growing nation with the celeb of study for researchers and the public . effort else in the House scoring; to this arrangement, the transfer of the library belonging to Congress, to the library, it belongs to the nation of uncertainty, on a shoestring budget.

between the years 1864 to 1897 , California. The Librarian of Congress, this library into a Research Center, National replica. In the year 1886, and to seek a decision that 13 years before the Congress in order to change the architecture of the library building. John mortality, and bridge the Pels take on the responsibility of making building with the architecture of the Renaissance period Italy the responsibility.

finally, in early November 1897. is the largest, best equipped, secure the most and the longest library world in the building of the Thames, Jefferson, Washington, D.C., opened. 2 other buildings with the name, John Adams and James Madison also, in 1938 and 1981 the mansion, the previous were added.

the first head of the library of Congress in the new building in 1897., the journalism, no experience, library, etc. to name John Russell Yang. He quickly realized that the library of Congress must be set such that the accumulated and room, filled the monitor. Yang organizational units to bring programs poured into the library from the stage of collection and accumulation to the factory processing efficiency of replica that material organized and handy can build.

from the year 1870 in order to protect the rights of authors (copyright) of all authors, which calls for the use of this right. should be 2 versions of their works to the library, send. Thus, daily almost 22000 as a new book in the United States, this library will be imported, which is almost 10 thousand, as it is every day to the permanent collection of the library will be added....
What is GPO ?
Government Printing Office
Government Printing Office, United States of America(United States Government Printing Office) briefly (GPO) is an agency of the Legislative of the Federal Government of the United States of America. The Bureau of documents produced and about the consumption of the federal government, including the Supreme Court, etc., Congress., the headquarters staff of the presidency of the Republic, executive branch and independent agencies prints.

JP him on June 23, 1860, according to the resolution of Congress of 25 was established. This his office from March 4, 1861 with 350 employees began in 1972 with The having 8, is 500 employees. the peak of the employed persons in your audience. The organization of the 1980s began to Computer Information and replacing paper with electronic devices that cause a significant reduction in the number of employees.

from the first day of the established time. JP, she on the street mansion North Washington, Jan. Thirty. The. The duties of JP, he, in part, the print national documents, the principle of 44 the laws of the United States of America is defined.

printer National, which is responsible for printing office. by the president with the consultation and consent of the Senate, Select. Printer National also a the superintendent of documents. Superintendent of documents (SuDocs), responsible for the dissemination of information in the JP. This is through the application tank, library, federal, program, cataloging and indexing program, sale of publication and also in collaboration with the Information Centre, citizenship, federal, located in ., the Colorado done. Adelaide Hasse concocted classification system superintendent of documents.

JP, her first for the records of Congress, and the statistics of the Federal year, 1997-1991 of the paper is 100% recycled used. The year 2009 also re-use paper recycled from the head was taken.

in April 2011, the JP he is a journal consisting of the history of the 150-year-old organization, under the title informed, Keep Us published....
What is NIMA ?
National Imagery and Mapping Agency
Agency National imaging and mapping...
What is NGA ?
The National Agency for Geographic Information (National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency), which refer to the NGA called, institutional American, that by the Ministry of defense of the United States of America and the agency the information the intelligence community of the United States of America supported. The main task of the agency collect, analyze, and publish geographic information in order to support the national security of the United States. The National Agency for geographic information, 2003 Agency National imaging and mapping (National Imagery and Mapping Agency), and briefly NIMA was called....
What is USPTO ?
United States Patent and Trademark Office
The Bureau of patent and trade show in the United States (to form the acronym: PTO or USPTO) is an agency of the Ministry of Commerce of the United States of America, which is in the field of issuance of the certificate of patent to inventors, etc. registered trademarks for products and identify and to intellectual property activities.

the headquarters of the agency in 2006, change is from Arlington, Virginia to Alexandria, Virginia., Virginia, was moved.

The Bureau of patent and trade show United States plus the Office of Tibet, the invention of Europe and the Directorate of patent, Japan, forming the trilateral patent....
What is DOI ?
Department of the Interior
Ministry of the interior, United States of America (United States Department of the Interior) is one of the fifteen ministries of the Federal Government of the United States of America.

the organization's headquarters is in Washington, and agencies, map, mapping, geology, the US and the national parks belong to this organization....
What is USDA ?
United States Department of Agriculture
The Ministry of Agriculture of USA (USDA) is one of the fifteen ministries of the Federal Government of the United States of America.

the organization's headquarters in Washington.

the organization National Forest, USA, under the supervision of the organization can be operated....
What is DOL ?
Department Of Labor
The Ministry of labour of the United States of America (United States Department of Labor) is one of the fifteen ministries of the Federal Government of the United States of America.

the organization's headquarters in Washington....
What is DOT ?
Department Of Transportation
The Department of Transportation, United States of America (United States Department of Transportation) is one of the fifteen ministries of the Federal Government of the United States of America.

the organization's headquarters in Washington....
What is HHS ?
Health and Human Services
The Department of Health and Human Services, United States of America (United States Department of Health and Human Services) is one of the fifteen ministries of the Federal Government of the United States of America.

the organization's headquarters in Washington.

Directorate General of food and Drug Administration, United States of America and the National Institutes of health, United States of America famous to the NIH, one of the branches of the ministry....
What is DOE ?
Department Of Energy
The Ministry of energy of the United States (United States Department of Energy) is one of the fifteen ministries of the Federal Government of the United States of America.The organization's headquarters in Washington....
What is VA ?
Veterans Affairs
Department of Veterans Affairs, United States of America (United States Department of Veterans Affairs) is one of ministries of the Federal Government of the United States of America.

Directorate General of Health, veterans under the supervision of the ministry can be operated....
What is FEMA ?
Federal Emergency Management Agency
Organization, crisis management, federal briefly that the (FEMA) also are applied, one of the organizations affiliated to the Ministry of internal security of the United States of America, which according to the decree of the president of the time, USA on April 1, 1979 was established. The main mission of the organization in cope with the devastating effects of natural disasters, and hand-made, human, and in order to reduce damages and losses in the interior of the United States of America. From the founding to the attacks of September 11, the organization responsibility for the implementation of the Defense civilian in the United States, responsible for. In the year 2003 and to instruct George W. Bush to one of the downline of the Ministry of internal security of the United States of America became. in 2005 in response to Hurricane Katrina underperforming, showed the and critics, a lot of calls for independence, the performance of it in the future. Today, the chairman of the report, the performance of the organization under their command directly to the minister of internal security of the United States of America offers. Nowadays, the addition operations in time of disasters, etc. the mission of numerous other in the direction of improving the quality of life of the American people can do. Such as the supply of food of national (NFIP), etc....
What is SNMMI ?
Society of Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging
Association of nuclear medicine and molecular imaging, US (established in 1954) is an organized semi-state, and the largest professional organization of America in the field of knowledge of nuclear medicine and molecular imaging.

this forum in 2007, more than 19000 members, found its center in Virginia.

Journal of medicine from publications, important this organization is....
What is NACE ?
National Association of Corrosion Engineer
The International Association of Engineers of corrosion (NACE International), the establishment of the 1943 century. the most prestigious institution specialized in prevention and control of corrosion in the world .

this forum is now over 30,000 members in 116 countries of the world. and its center at Houston City in the state of Texas in the United States of America.

the most important scientific publications, the organization monthly assessment materials and monthly corrosion....
What is FS ?
Forest Service
Organization of the Forest Service of the United States (United States Forest Service) the name of a federal agency of the United States of America that has the responsibility to maintain and administer the forest areas, national American is responsible. These areas totaled 781٬000 square kilometer area.

This office in 1905, ordered the Congress of the United States of America was formed, and under the supervision of the Ministry of Agriculture of the United States of America, Bureau of.....

the organization on administering 155 national forests and 20 Meadow national monitoring....