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Acronym References

What is SISMI ?
Servizio per le informazioni e la sicurezza militare
The Bureau of military intelligence in Italy that briefly with know (SISMI) was known, from 1977 until 2007., the institution of the main data-foreign, Italy. The organization on August 3, 2007]. officially dissolved and the new organization "Information Agency and external security" (Agenzia informazioni e sicurezza esterna) was merged.

from 2001 to 2006]. Directorate of Intelligence Bureau, military, Italy, by Niccolo and vice president in that institution with Marco ....
What is USTR ?
United States Trade Representative
The Office of the US Trade Representative (Office of the United States Trade Representative) is an agency of the United States government that has the responsibility to develop and propose policy, commercial the United States, to the president of the United States of America, leading business negotiations at the levels of bilateral and multilateral and coordinate policy, commercial government in the dominant Commission, circumstances can an agent policy, commercial employees (TPSC), and the group revisited the policy of commercial (TPRG) is responsible.

the organization, initially under the title of the Office of the special representative of trade (STR) in 1962, was formed. The Office of commercial agent of the United States of America part of the headquarters staff of the presidency of the United States of America can be and has more than 200 employees. The agency has offices in Geneva and Brussels as well....
What is MIT ?
Millî İstihbarat Teşkilatı
National Intelligence Organization (Turkish: Millî Istihbarat Teşkilatı) is also a celebrity with know "Mitt", name of the Foreign Intelligence Agency of Turkey. Mitt has 8 thousand personnel and intelligence officer.

information and security in the era of the Ottoman court, the Ottoman non-of, special that to the different countries of dispatch were the arcane as well as in all the towns of the Ottoman ingrained was that of those called Chi remembered. The first organization's official and legal, and information security in the era of the Ottomans, in the years, that arose in the history of Turkey, it is called the era of decline and of the gay Empire will be remembered. In 1913, Anwar Ottoman, a service, information security, called the \"organization for\" the foundation of the institution. Members of the network in the first World War, secret mission, sensitive, many did, and in 1918, disintegrated. In the year 1918, and during occupation of Istanbul, Turkey. Talat Ottoman organization, the other to name the population of the outpost was established. The organization of dozens of Detective organization to come there and at the quotes and secret transfer of weapons and ammunition., the mission, its influence did. However, relationships, covert them with the Bolshevik Russians caused to the organization is also in the 1920's from disintegrating. From this date to the day and arrives the era of the destruction of the Ottoman Empire, and established the government of the Republic of Turkey by Mustafa Kemal , etc. several times to create an organization's security efforts took place, and each time the militants at the helm of it were. in 1925 and announced:\" we must also, like all governments, the contemporary and the modern world, the owner of an organization, Security strong.\" In 1927 ad, the organization desired with the name \"PA national service\" was established and finally in the year 1965 the " mitt \"of the National Intelligence Organization\" on the basis of the laws adopted at National Assembly of Turkey announced. In Turkey, the head of the intelligence service the advisor can call and place in this country, the equivalent of Deputy Prime Minister and the higher of the US Prime. President Mitt at the same time, the deputy prime minister as well, and the organization of Information Security directly under the supervision of the Prime Minister operated....
What is CTC ?
Counter Terrorism Center
The center of anti-terrorist CIA (CTC) the name of the center of the operational fight against terrorism, the Central Intelligence Agency of America and one of the most key parts of the CIA...
What is NCS ?
National Clandestine Service
National Service (NCS) the name of the center of Anti-Terrorist Intelligence Agency, Central America. This center is one of the four main branches of CIA considered.

Services National secret after the attacks of September 11, with the acquisition of the Ministry of justice, the US prison's secret CIA outside the territory of the United States of America, for the interrogation of the suspect to perform terrorist acts, techniques such as , or instill a sense of choking with the water he used. This method, Center for Counter-Terrorism Intelligence, shortly after the tenure of Barack Obama as president of the United States was banned....
What is خاد ?
خدمات امنیت دولتی
, the state security service, in the government of the Democratic Republic of Afghanistan. in the distance, September 1979 to April 1992 ad.

This office, with a coup, Communist Afghanistan in the month of May of the year 1357, solar, etc. was formed and the first, (AGSA), and Kam (KAM) was called.

Hafeez Ullah Amin, Assadullah Amin, Mohammed Najibullah, and Ghulam Farooq, Jacobite, etc., the heads between the years 1979 and 1992 ad.

with the collapse of the government of Dr. Mohammad Najibullah in 1992 ad (1371 solar), etc. your place to administer, in the name of national security, said that the beginning for the ministry in the government of Afghanistan, he was active and after a while, the presidency (department) was changed.

State Security Service, Afghanistan () to suppress the death time opponents of the regime and the mass murder of those accused....
What is ساما ?
سيستم آموزش مدارس ايثارگران
Software Sama - special schools in the guidance course educational
What is شفق ?
شورای هماهنگی فعالیت های قرآنی
The Coordinating Council activity archive...
What is پاوا ?
پليس اطلاعات و امنيت عمومي ناجا
Police, information and security, general medicine...
What is INSEP ?
Institute of Sport, Expertise and Performance
The Institute of national sports, skills and performance...
What is متما ?
مرکز مدیریت توسعه ملی اینترنت
Center for Management Development National Internet...
What is DOD ?
Department Of Defence
The US Department of Defense...
What is نوهد ?
نیروهای ویژه هوابرد
65th Airborne Special Forces Brigade (Persian: تیپ ۶۵ نیروهای ویژه هوابرد‎), or the NOHED Brigade (تیپ نوهد), is an airborne, special forces unit of the Iranian Army established in 1959.

The unit\'s first operation was during the Dhofar Rebellion in Oman. After the 1979 Revolution in Iran, it was a participant in the post-Revolution clashes. As part of the 23rd Commando Division, the unit was extensively used in various operations of the Iran–Iraq War of the 1980s. Recently, some members have been active in the Syrian Civil War. The brigade has also been employed for hostage rescue and counter-terrorism purposes inside Iran....
What is ICCS ?
Institute for Cognitie Science Studies
Institute of cognitive science ICCS in the year 1377, in the form of a group study called Institute of cognitive science began. In the year 1382, and with the approval of the council for expansion of Higher Education, Ministry of science, research and Technology, Institute of Cognitive Science change the name of the found....
What is IPM ?
Institute for Studies in Theoretical Physics and Mathematics
Institute of foundational knowledge, or IPM, Central Research in Iran, which in 1367 was established and headed by it, Mohammad Javad Larijani is responsible. This center, previously the "Research Center for Theoretical Physics and mathematics" was called.

this institute is the first government organization in Iran that connected to the internet. Also, years later, the project domain registration .ir's with the efforts by the southern launch.

this institute has several research institute is:

School of mathematics
School of physics
Institute of Computer Science
Institute of cognitive science
School of nano-sciences
Institute, philosophy, analytical
Institute of astronomy
Research Institute for particle and
a science lab, and the computational
Department of computing, Turin (grid computing)...
What is ERC ?
European Resuscitation Council
Council revive Europe...
What is CPD ?
Central Police Department
Stands for the Bureau of Central Police are that on police cars in the United States, the phrase CPD is inserted....
What is IMF ?
Impossible Missions Force
The force of Mission Impossible, an important part of the CIA....
What is مپ ?
مدیریت پسماند
Waste management or waste management, management of collecting, transport, processing, etc. and recycling or disposal of waste (waste)....
What is شبنم ?
شبکه بازرسی و نظارت مردمی
Network of inspection and supervision of folks through the encoding (as well as selected text, two-dimensional)...