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Acronym References

What is AML ?

Anti Money Laundering

The law on combating money laundering the main legislation governing the actions of the anti-money laundering (AML) in Iran. This law consisted on the twelve, Article Seven note in open session on Tuesday 2 February 1386 the parliament was approved and in date 17-Feb-1386 was approved by The Guardian Council finished.

pursuant to Article 4 of this law, the Supreme Council of combating money laundering to the presidency and the responsibility of the minister of Economic Affairs and finance, and with membership of the ministers of Industry, Mine and trade, information, etc. of the country and chairman of the central bank for the harmonization of related devices in collecting, processing, analysis, news, documentation, information and reports received., the preparation of the Information Systems, Intelligence, interested, identify suspicious transactions and aims to deal with the crime of money laundering was formed.

including the regulation of Downstream who come from the adoption of this law and to implement its provisions, were to be pointed to the following:

bylaws of the executive law, the fight against money laundering (1388)
determine the structure and organization of the executive of the Supreme Council of combating money laundering (1388)