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Acronym References

What is ILCOR ?

International Liaison Committee on Resuscitation

The Liaison Committee of the international resuscitation (ILCOR) in 1992, was formed an opportunity for Cooperation, Organization, major activities in the field of operations each other in the field of CPR (resuscitation cardio-pulmonary) and ECC (emergency care heart and vessels) and protocols of one provide. This name in 1996, was selected to deliberate on the words related to the treatment of the heart patient-a "cor in sick" (will be at for the heart in the French language is stressed).

ILCOR from the American Heart Association (AHA), the Council revived the EU (ERC), the Heart Foundation and stroke of Canada (HSFC), the committee for the revival of Australia and New Zealand, the councils of the revival of South Africa (RCSA), the councils, the revival of Asia (RCA) and the Heart Foundation of America (IAHF) has been formed.