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Acronym References

What is BMDW ?

Bone Marrow Donors Worldwide

Bank donors, bone marrow around the world, an organization based in Leiden, The Netherlands., which collect a set of information, phenotype, HLA and other information related to volunteers, donors, cells of the hematopoietic and units of cord blood through local institutions. Members of the BMDW (June 2012) includes 66 Bank of cells hematopoietic from 48 countries, and 47 cord blood banking from 31 countries. Consider all this information recorded next to each other, the database BMDW contains information of almost 20 million donors stem cells and 550،000 donor unit of cord blood is that it has the largest database of global data in this field has become. To participate voluntarily in this project, you should contact the blood bank, the local that on the website of the Institute specified action to participate in the experiment relevant).