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Acronym References

What is DARPA ?

Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency

DARPA (DARPA) or agency Advanced Research Projects of Defense founded 1958, a board of research and technology under the supervision of the Ministry of defense of the United States of America. This organization, responsibility for the development and manufacture of new technologies for use in the US Army is responsible.

by DARPA at the beginning with the name of the five oceans (ARPA), which stands for Advanced Research Projects Agency is beginning to work, but in April 1972, by adding the Defense to the beginning of their full name to DARPA (DARPA) began to change, but in February 1993 to name his first (five oceans) is back and open again in March 1996 to DARPA changed the name of the alliance.

from 1958 until 1965, the greatest emphasis by DARPA on the important issues was the National, which includes the space and rocket launcher, ballistic defense and also the individuation of the nuclear tests. During the 1960's DARPA space programs civilian to NASA Ceded and military applications in the agenda of the sole of the alliance.

in the 1960's, after the assignment program civilian., The Five Oceans, the role and field of activity of your defined and focused, ... in a complex, diverse, research programs are relatively small, essentially exploratory, and to DARPA changed the name of the alliance and during the early 1970's stressed program, Direct Energy, Information Processing and technology, tactical In ago. In 1980, consideration of the agency in the processing of information and programs related to the plane were concentrated, including Aircraft national (NASP), or the research programme supersonic.

by DARPA to the operation of the processing, and advanced network technologies and to rebuild and strengthen relationships with universities after the Vietnam War, pay. In addition, DARPA, new concepts for satellite, small, lightweight, and (LIGHTSAT) and directed new programs regarding production, defense, technology, submarines, and Armor / Anti-Armor.

date, activity, DARPA has perhaps been to the two periods of time: 1. "Before the year 2001 and focus on scientists, elite, and its academic" and 2. "Since 2001, and focus on the large industrial enterprise" division.