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Acronym References

What is GDPR ?

General Data Protection Regulation

The general rules of data protection, the EU GDPR) (EU) 2016/679) regulations is that in the case of data protection and confidentiality of all entities and exit data in the EU and the European Economic Area, has been. The purpose of this regulation, essentially, for granting control of the contracts to the citizens and residents of the area and simplification of Environment Regulation for businesses International, through the same storage regulations.

This regulation replaced the law of data protection, the European Union (95/46/EC) is to include provisions and requirements related to the processing of personal data recognizable in the EU can be, in fact, all businesses with which the economic zone, done something. regardless of, , etc. can be. This way, the business processes that the information of personal office. must be based on "the protection of information through design and default". i.e. the personal information must use or the name of the storage to be saved and the maximum privacy by default be considered, in such a manner that data without express consent to the public altogether, and without additional information separate to determine the identity of the entities unusable. No personal information can not be processed, unless under the legal basis, which means marked, and be done, or that the controller or the data processor explicit permission The owner of the data received. The owner of the data can be in any time, it would allow the cancellation.

This law on April 14, 2016, respectively. And, after the lapse of two years as a transition period, from 25 April 2018 to run income. Applying this law requires the adoption of a separate law in the member states of the union is not automatically in all the necessary .