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Acronym References

What is ISIS ?

The Institute for Science and International Security

The Institute for science and international security, or the abbreviation ISI (ISIS) is an entity, a non-profit that in 1993, in the United States of America founded. This institution in the field of counter proliferation activities. The Institute for science and international security in the charter. the goal of the institute is to "bring awareness to the general public on matters scientific and political, has an impact on international security" is announced.

founder and president of the Institute, etc., David Albright, the inspector, a former nuclear The International Atomic Energy Agency, the UN.

Institute for science and international security based in Washington, DC. to alternate by reviewing and analyzing technical data and images, satellite, analysis, and on that concerning the plans of expanding nuclear countries to be released soon.

more content published by on analysis and monitoring program, North Korea nuclear, Iran, Pakistan and Syria, and also the trade of illegal nuclear focused.

Institute for science and international security Day, November 28, 2011, to analyze the satellite images related to the explosion of the garrison guards in malārd the payment and such, commenting that the explosion was apparently related to rocket engine is and the time of the blast facilities of the Corps in this place, "severely damaged."