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Acronym References

What is NGM ?

National Geographic Society

Free National Geographic (NGM), name of the NGO is that in the year 1888 establishments in the United States of America was established. Now, the National Geographic Society, of the NGO the people entity in the world that aims on the introduction and protection of monuments, archaeology., the biology and Geographical Science Building.

Foundation National on June 27, 1888 (June 1267) by 33 scientist and tourists who are interested in forming a community to enhance and develop science, geography., Washington, D.C., was established .

one of the founders of the foundation, "Alexander Graham Bell", the inventor of the phone was that since the Hubbard Greene Gardiner presidency of this institution was assumed. The idea of using the photo next to articles that are of the main factors for the popularity of the magazine are expected to be the "bell".

Mr. John.Fahey (John M. Fahey,) president of National Geographic about the aim of the National says: "We aim to encourage people to interested in them the direction of the attention and care of the planet, Sean."

now, the chairman of the board of trustees, Foundation, National Geographic, Mr. Gilbert is that a medal of "freedom", 2005 the US government for "the leadership of teaching geography" is received .

Foundation National Geographic by 23 member board of Directors consists of a group of teachers will highlight scientists, former officials of the government and environmentalists, the bureau .

television network, National Geographic, from the date of 23 Sep 1390 Times, October 15, 2011 National Geographic Channel's English is also launched.