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Acronym References

What is IVUS ?

IntraVascular UltraSound

With the growing technology in the diagnosis and monitoring of cardiovascular diseases need to use the system, and ultrasound within the vascular (IVUS) as the feasible solutions with precision and accuracy is very high in the diagnosis of diseases to what clearly has become.

during the research and studies carried out in several articles and to the direction of the review and analysis of the system, IVUS, compared with the device angiography alone, which is in two stages, the main assessment of effectiveness and costing done, the evidence available using the method of meta-analysis, case synthesis, was put, and rating the effectiveness of each technology with the help of methods of Multi Criteria Decision-Making Cao, etc. , etc. And The Theory Of Grey was set up. The result of this synthesis, the efficacy, the better the system, IVUS in comparison with the device angiography alone showed. At the stage of costing, also the amount of possible costs imposed on the community in the event of applying the system of IVUS in the side of the device, angiography, indicates the cost effectiveness of the system of IVUS against the device only angiography alone will show.IVUS