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Acronym References

What is DDP ?

Dimethyl Diphenyl Pyrrolidine

Methadone (Methadone), a drug to be industrial, which is frequently referred to as a drug retainer for inhibiting the addiction to heroin and the drug goes to work.

methadone 1937 in Germany was built. After the end of World War II, was used and its usefulness in the control of addiction in the 1960's was discovered.

According to a legend, the famous "" (Dolophine) brand name drug name of Adolf Hitler taken, but in fact, this name from the Latin word (dolor) means the pain comes.

methadone treatment or treatment with a maintenance dose of methadone that the incidence of withdrawal symptoms of opium to prevent and demand, it reduces or eliminates, for the first time in years 1960 for the treatment of addiction to this substance is commonly used were.

the amount of consumption of the usual syrup methadone for adults as analgesic 5 to 20 mg and tablets or ampoules, it is 2٫5 up to 10 mg every four to eight hours. For the detoxification of addicts, usually from 15 to 100 mg syrup methadone a day is used.

the capability of methadone in curbing addiction caused by several factors:
- reduce the physical and psychological effects resulting from leave
- inhibit or reduce the desire to consume (thirst)
- reduce the caused by other drugsDDP