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Acronym References

What is GDR ?

German Democratic Republic

East Germany (the GDR) with the official name of the German Democratic Republic government the communist part of the Eastern bloc during the Cold War, which was from 1949 to 1990 in an area of Germany that occupied Soviet Union was ruled.
in 1990, by joining the German states of the Federal Republic of Germany (Bundesrepublik Deutschland) was formed.

of the German Democratic Republic on 7 October 1949 in East Berlin announced. This happened five weeks after the announcement of the existence of the Federal Republic of Germany in West Germany was. In 1954 this country quite independent, it was announced, but according to the agreements, the four world powers at a meeting of forces of the Soviet military still in the country were stationed. This, more than anything, due to the wide presence of American forces in West Germany and the conditions of the Cold War era was. East German members of the Warsaw Pact, respectively.

on March 18, 1990, for the first time, election campaign outdoor in the country, was held and, as a result, the party has a socialist that was ruling the majority in Volkswagen (Parliament of the GDR) lost. (Before this, the majority of the party in the elections was guaranteed).

on August 23, Volkswagen voted to join East Germany to the Federal Republic of Germany, the alliance and thus reunite the two Germany, German Democratic Republic abolished was.