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Acronym References

What is GBR ?

Great Britain

United Kingdom or the United Kingdom (United Kingdom) with the official name the United Kingdom of Great Britain (GBR) and Northern Ireland (UK), is a country located in western Europe and the capital city of London. The UK consists of four parts: the three parts it England and Scotland and Wales are on Great Britain make up. The fourth part of the ... Northern Ireland is on the island of Ireland is located. Britain by the Atlantic Ocean from the West and North, the North Sea in the East., the channel-Manche in the south and the Irish Sea in the West, is surrounded by.

many members of the House of Lords this side for a family heirloom they receive. The appointment of some members of the House of Lords also of the Queen and with the advice of the Prime Minister accepts.

form of government continues in the British kingdom, which is governed by a constitutional monarchy based on the Westminster to the centrality of the city of London is governed. Political system the country has six types of elections in which, the members of the parliament, the Cabinet, Local Government, etc. representatives of the United Kingdom in the EU, Municipalities, Local Government and the commissioner of police are elected. This territory of four countries: England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland is composed. Three countries, the recent has the local government are, which was described in four of the capital called Edinburgh, etc., Cardiff and Belfast are operated. Though the islands of Guernsey and. Jersey and I under the protection of the UK are, but one of those poses, not the process. The UK has fourteen Land of the sea. These lands are the remnants of the British Empire are. This empire, the largest empire date are expected to be at its peak in the centuries 19 and 20, almost a quarter of the Earth, the Earth included. The influence of culture, the British can be found in the language, culture, British, of legal the former colonies of the Empire to see.

the UK a developed country and has the sixth largest economy in the world by GDP, and the eighth economy of the world based on purchasing power parity. This kingdom was the first industrialized country in the world, and during the 19th and early Century 20 superpower unmatched in the level of international law to be went. The country is still in the realm of economic, cultural, military, scientific, and political power, wide international and is one of the few fixed members has a veto in the UN Security Council from the time of its creation in 1946. This country is one of the powers known of has War software core in the world and in terms of military spending, ranking fourth in the world.

United Kingdom member of the European Union and its member the European Economic Community from the time of its genesis in 1973, has been. Also, the United Kingdom, a member of Dakhma the Council of Europe, the group of seven., the group of 20 Organization for Economic Cooperation and development and the World Trade Organization can be. British on June 24, 2016 to the separation of the EU agree on a candidate, respectively.