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Acronym References

What is SHZ ?


Shiraz (about this case pronunciation help·info) is one of the major cities in Iran and the metropolis, this country, and the center of Fars province. The population of Shiraz, in the year 1395, Solar 1, the 565 of 572 tons, which have been the figure, with a total population resides in the countryside to 1 of 869, the 001 tons. Shiraz is the fifth great city and populous country.

Shiraz in the central part of Fars Province, at a height of 1486 meters above sea level in the mountainous region located in Zagros Mountains and weather, there. The city from the west side to the mountains , from the north to the mountains of , etc. ., The Forty the Baba kuhi (from the mountain ranges of Zagros) is limited.