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Acronym References

What is ISF ?


Isfahan, a historical city in center of Iran. The city center of Isfahan province and also the city of Isfahan. Isfahan, the third largest city in Iran and the third most populous city in Iran after Tehran and Mashhad and is also one hundred and sixty-fifth most populous city in the world and the ninth most populous city in West Asia are expected to be. The metropolis of Isfahan also awarded a huge, populated city in the Middle East. This city, between the years 1050 to 1722 AD, especially in the sixteenth century during the reign of the Safavid capital of Iran, and boom, the abundance was. The monuments are numerous in the city, there are a number of it as the heritage of UNESCO, registered. The city, to the Islamic architecture, etc., Bridge, indoor, etc., mosques and minarets helps if the name of it is amazing. This would lead to in popular culture, Isfahan, half the world, dubbed the catch. This city in December 1394 (December 2015) along with Rasht as the first cities in Iran to the network of Creative Cities of the world under the supervision of UNESCO, joined.