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Acronym References

What is PGN ?
Portable Game Notation
IP TV (PGN), or bookmark, portable, game, a format, computer written simple is that to help it. the game of chess to save work, and more Program, computer chess, from its support.

This extension, the first time in 1993, acquires, Steven Jay. Edwards was built and in the newsgroup rec.games.chess on Usenet was used and became popular.

the structure of the wake of a Muslim is simple to read and write it for humans and scrolling and reproducing it for the computer simple. Move with the same notation algebraic chess can be displayed and the file name extension, make sure it pgn....
What is SFF ?
Standard Flowgram Format
Format standard (SFF) file format of binary is to code up the results of the pyrosequencing platform from 454 life sciences for sequencing high throughput can be used. Files SFF can view, edit. Or with DNA baser (SFF workbench) become or to format FASTQ sff2fastq or seq-crumbs become....
What is SH ?
Bourne Shell
The shell of the Bourne (Bourne shell) or sh a shell or interpreter the command line for the operating system of a computer is that in the year 1977 by Stephen Bourne created. The Bourne Shell Shell the default in Version 7 Unix. This shell is still in many operating systems, Unix-like found that either the same shell, Bourne is the main, or a symbolic link to a shell compatible, like Bash. even if most users of shells other use. This shell at Bell Labs, developed and is a replacement for the Shell Thomson is the name of the executable file, it Shell also sh. However, from the Shell to perform interactive tasks also can be used. commonly referred to as the shell for script programming is considered to be and a lot of the functionality that to write the program structured is needed. With the release of the book, environment programming Unix, written by Brian and Rob Pike., the popularity of the Shell rose. This book is the first book that had the shell as a programming language in the form of a tutorial introduction....
What is ED ?
Text Editor
Ed (Ed) is a editor line for Unix operating systems, is that always as a standard in Unix systems, there have been. This editor first by Kenneth Thomson in 1971, the ad was written....
What is OPENGL ?
Open Graphic Library
Open LG (OpenGL) is a programming interface software, the greater Sunda Islands, for rendering two-dimensional and three-dimensional. This programming interface is usually used for interaction with the processor graphics, and to obtain the rendering has accelerated by the hardware used.

open kitchen, LG stands for Open Graphic Library (graphics library) is, but the open kitchen, LG Your by no means a library software, not open source software also do not count (because it contains no code, is not); or open LG's, only standard, open to describe a graphical interface that is several companies have been developed and can be used by drivers graphics, operating systems, and various software implementations.

open LG by the company Silicon of the year 1991 developed and was released in 1992 and widely used in the design to help the computer, etc. reality, virtual, visualization, etc., visual storage information, simulating the flight and the video game was handled. Open LG by the organization, consortium, non-profit, technology, Khronos Group Management.

open LG a programming interface application abstract, for graphics, two-dimensional and three-dimensional describe. Although that may be the interface for a software implementation. open LG designed to for almost full or completely in hardware implementation.

the programming interface, as the number function that may be provided by a program client, sound), plus a number of fixed numerical (for example, GL_TEXTURE_2D, which correspond to the number of decimal 3553) is defined. Although the definition of functions for apparently similar the thirty are, but it's independent from the language.

plus, independent of the language being in. open LG's platform independent. Open LG nothing about getting and managing an environment, OpenGL does not say and as it details the system window drop. For this reason, Open LG to the net to rendering the attention and does any interface for input, sound and the window doesn't provide....
What is X3D ?
Extensible 3D Graphics
Oaks, Terry(X3D is a file format, that format X the IS next-generation format, he AR th El....
What is ACPI ?
Advanced Configuration and Power Interface
ACPI means advanced configuration and be. For the first time in December 1996 (by company HP, etc., Intel, Microsoft, etc., Phoenix, and Toshiba) released and contains sets to identify the hardware, motherboard, and other settings devices and power management device can . ACPI accordance with Prudential, the "key element for the administration, settings, and power management system for Direct is" the latest version of the specification ACPI, No. 5. the 0. that in November 2011, the out Come is.

the most important standard elements known to manage the electricity system, which had been seen in two general categories instead. The first standard is that the OS or the operating system, electric control system, the attack takes place, and in front of the standard, called APM, which stands for the words, assigns power management can be, and in fact, the task of control and management of the electricity system is the responsibility of the BIOS, the computer can read.And the operating system on it plays a limited game.In ACPI, etc. the BIOS help functions direct access to the lowest levels of the hardware to the operating system provides. So the operating system has almost complete control over how system power consumption.

another of the important characteristics ACPI, bringing the features, power management system, which in the past were referred to and access allowed them in Laptop, etc. personal computers and servers. For example, the system may include wills, at the stage of energy consumption in the limit, the final, work (low power consumption) means that only the memory power to be and sometimes not. But events, targeted(GPE, which stands for the word "general-purpose events" are) to allow the sending of the some system, like a modem, keyboard, and mouse, have that this cause of action can be the level of energy consumption, system speed to the normal mode back.

for the standard keys of a keyboard standard for the operation of the suspension and turn off the computer support.Some of the companies it features have developed and to do this from the other Keys also called arrow keys, system management (Power management keys) have used.

ACPI in addition to the use of assembly language that form the foundation in any existing computer. to handle the implementation of events, electricity, system, language, inner herself called (ACPI Machine Language) Language, machine, ACPI, which stands for the IT AML. uses.

Microsoft for the first time from the standard in Windows 98 your support. The first version of the operating system FreeBSD, which supports this standard in itself includ., the 5.0 was.The rest of the operating system under Linux later support this standard began....
What is CD-ROM ?
Compact Disc Read-Only Memory
CD-ROM (CD-ROM) is an optical disc of the prior to the Fuzzies is reached that the data in your keeps. This word means "memory, optical disc read-only". Computers can only the information contained in the optical disc to read and can't get any information on them write. CD-ROM media popular to distribute software to your computer., game, video, etc. apps multimedia. however, that can be any information on them save the village (where capacity allows). Some of the CD-ROM, that CD advanced name. can form at the same time, given a computer on their store, they also contain sound and voice. Section related to the data only on the computer, is usable, and the part that contains the sounds is by a player, the CD is usable....
What is XBRL ?
eXtensible Business Reporting Language
The language of financial reporting, commercial label, their language, reporting, commercial, deployable, or Oaks.EBay.AR.El (XBRL) is a language of reporting is electronic, with which companies can financial data your transmitting. In other words, one side can be given, owing to the opposite side (receiver )in the blink of an eye, one given to the system of their particular transfer .In essence, X, the El in order to this design was that to the computer, to give the possibility that the financial information swap . work around the world, state institutions commercial of X the El for the round Avery and share the data they use .However, X, the El for the transfer of data between computers is designed for human potty.

x, Le, El of technology developed, is that the structure of the documentation provided to maintain , data, X, the El readings are possible by human, is to achieve this the species data depending on the type of reporting components, a certain amount of documentation, financial must be on glue this.

the main advantage of, x, Le, El than X, the El is legible by humans . X, the El data of financial report can be electronically extracted .According to the, x, Le, El of your report can be, with all of the content to the form of early Venice, together with any data extracted from X, the El beamed.For this reason, the X ORT the El for the transfer of documentation is commercial available is not complete. Often that is in the country, talk operating X, the El is raised and even the stock exchange the Tehran Stock Exchange bar on the seriousness of the Quran, the emphasis is laid, but still no action operational is not observed, though, in two years, the organisation has state tax as well, with the implementation of the plan, a comprehensive tax companies has required comment letters tax your way system of operation, electronic payers send....
What is XUL ?
XML User Interface Language
Suhl (XUL) is a language of computer programming is that by the Mozilla Foundation developed. Suhl is a markup language user interface is that, as a dialect of X the IS run and to allow the graphical interfaces of the user like the Web page are posted.
Suhl can be used for writing tools, greater Sunda Islands, (cross-platform), such as Firefox now Mozilla use, that is, the engine draws the famous to in (Gecko), the interpretation can be that the Task View interface, Firefox and web pages.

What is DTD ?
Document Type Definition
Document type definition, or Di, t-di (DTD) task increase, the kind of grammar and grammar on documents X the the the responsibility. Schema X on the other means that perform the same task, but for documents and relatively more complex.

though the freedom of Tom and unconditional in choosing the name, the elements and Traits of their respective and also other features we extend the flexibility and pliability abundant causes that it would be the occurrence of inconsistencies and errors, unwanted and out of control.

In order to more in the expression of the role of the full significance, or, to mention one example, we. If one of the tags, to mistake written? text breaker Oaks on the way to detect this error would be. With the addition of ADT, the document X, the and with description of the type and name of elements expected in it from the incidence of such errors will....
What is OWL ?
Web Ontology Language
Language, ontology, or of L (OWL) language is an indication (markup) the direction of the publication and exchange of knowledge in the internet space. This language means the name of the ontology (ontology) used. Ontology, too, the name of the branch east from philosophy, and is a part of computer science that gained fast in the Genesis and spread.

OWL as a tool to model the knowledge related to a field of specific goes to work. All the knowledge available in that field. for a family of concepts dependent modeling are that among them the relationships of inclusion is established. In other words, the entire information shall for tree hierarchical model can be that whatever is in it, the lower you go, the concepts of more specialized IT areas we encountered....
What is DIV ?
The walls or div, set the language, hypertext markup, such as HTML.Or......El or X.A friend.Or......El is and its application to specify part, or all of the content of a web page. and it can be used to separate a group of elements the maker of a web page, in a wall logical, profit search. The walls (or Div) in the discussion, design, and patterns, cascading, etc. in the category block are, that is, the section of the virtual blocks like that can be a paragraph, title, image or any content within them, etc ... and with the addition of a few recipes in the patterns of Cascading Style Sheets (or CSS) in. how to layout and display them on a web page, a specified....
What is XSLT ?
XSL Transformations
Transformations X SSL or X SS El t (XSLT) is a language full Turing-based X the IS that the manner of conversion from a file X the to the A file other describe.

In this language, the programmer determines how the tree structure within a file X the to file other - that can be a X on the other, or HTML, or any text file other be - converted, then the conversion by the application that processor X SSL or called done. The most common use of X-SSL or includes: converts structures X All El to each other, convert X the to HTML, in Internet sites, and also the first step in the construction of the PDF of X the El.

the language part of the family x, SSL is considered to format documents X the IS and the version 1 standard by the consortium World Wide Web (W3C) in November 1999 released. Version 2 standard, it is also on January 23, 2007 was approved.

need a way of displaying for files X The ago of 1997, was felt. From 1994 articles in the field of characteristics of a template, demo the proper preparation. Finally, in 1997, a group of a number of software companies a document, the initial (that is, X SS El was called) to design a language template demo X the to the consortium World Wide Web providing. Work on X SSL from the same time began. Up to this time, focus on the templates demo and features, delineate and display information was still the thing as mapping or conversion tool, the structural pose.

over time, the practitioners standard X-SSL to the conclusion that the operation of convert file X the can from the operation display, it apart. Thus, X-SSL into three distinct areas was divided into: mapping (conversion), the objects of a format and X pet. In a short time it became clear that this split decision a good been and new uses for the segment mappings were found that communication with the display, the data did not....
What is EXI ?
Efficient XML Interchange
Exchange efficient of X on the (EXI) is a form X, the binary is as a recommendation of the consortium W3C on 10 March 2011 is accepted. This template by the Working Group on exchange of efficient x-TH El (EXIWG) in the W3C developed and is one of the most prominent efforts for the coded documents, X the to template, binary compared to plain text.

use template X on the binary, and, generally, longer documents X the El will reduce, and may even time splits.

the efficiency of the production of the content of X on the of binary well produces binary code from the original document. though this is the case to offer binary a real that is used also depends on....
What is XBL ?
XML Binding Language
X, El, a language based on XML based markup language to express the behavior of XUL-widgets and variables, XML can be used. XBL is the Mozilla project for use in the Mozilla Application Suite developed and the language is now under a formal standard not be defined so specifically for Mozilla, which is just on the in (computer) implementation.XBL 2.0, the latest version of XBL....
What is HTML5 ?
HyperText Markup Language 5
HTML5 or the markup language 5 or HTML, 5 a language for building and presenting content for the World Wide Web. this is the fifth revision of the standard HTML is (in 1990 created and in 1997 as HTML4 standard, is) and so far, still in the hands of the developer. The main goals of HTML, 5 improve this language to that of the newest technology, multi-media support, while also easily human readable, to be referred to consistently by computers and devices (web browsers, etc., parser, etc.) understood. HTML, 5 intends not only HTML4, but also XHTML1 and 2HTML will also support.
by following the predecessors, recent, HTML, 4 the 01 and XHTML 1. the 1, the HTML, 5 a reply to use common HTML and XHTML on the World Wide Web, for a combination of features introduced by various specifications and items introduced by software products such as web browsers. Cases, that is, a joint is created; and also a response to the many errors of syntax in the documentation, is available. Also trying is a markup language unique definition that would be two templates, HTML, or XHTML to be written.
, HTML, 5 includes details of Model processing is to implement . HTML, 5 markup to documents available to the spread. improves and justifies. Also, markup and programming interface applications (API) to program complex web of.. For this reason, HTML5 candidate, the potential for mobile applications cross-platform. Many of the features of HTML5, consider the ability to run on devices low power, such as smartphones and tablets made by. In December 2011, the research company Strategy Analytics has predicted buy and sell phones compatible with HTML5 in the year 2013 above the 1 billion dollar will.
specifically, HTML, 5 features somehow many to the language has added. These features include elements like , etc. or , and . Also the integration of content scalable vector graphics (SVG) that replaces the tag . The features for this design were to enter and work with multimedia content and graphics easier to plug proprietary and API no. New elements like , and , and , and to empower more content Way documents are designed. Adjectives, another new also to the same purpose have been introduced, while some elements and attributes also have been removed. Some elements, such as , and and have been changed, etc. re-defined or the Standard place.API and DOM other afterthought do not, but also a fundamental part of the specification HTML5. . Also HTML5 processing that has taken place that the documents invalid and errors, somehow it's for all browsers and users will be identical....
What is VRML ?
Virtual Reality Modeling Language
He AR All El (VRML) the name of the format standard the file that graphic three-dimensional computer defines by Oaks, Terry, was replaced.

What is DIVX ?
Digital Video Express
DivX the name of The to compress and playback video files based on the Section 2 standard, MPEG-4. DivXNetworks, as concocted and distributor of this technology, it is often, as with Terry for the video ... that due to the very low volume. very good quality to provide.

competitor, the codecs, ... codecs, the origin of the open-Oaks Wade is that in all the experiments, track and field, that from the year 2003 to come with a better performance compared to DivX is shown, but commercial success it did not....
What is OGG ?
Operation Good Guys
OGG or OG A a container format file, a free and open source, which means the foundation Xiph.Org maintenance and development are given. The creators of the format OG Jay stated that this extension without the limitations of software patents is, and to provide the transfer (streaming) and effective manipulation of multi-media digital ([digital multimedia]) high quality design.

the template or within the content og a can be a number of streams independently for sound, images, text (such as subtitles), and metadata to combine together.

in the framework of multimedia OG). Theora, a video layer provides . Layers of sound, mainly by the form music axis, can be prepared, but other options include codec, speech compression, human or speaks, etc. codec compression, lossy sound, or Ferris and OG TV, Zune!.

before the 2007 extensions .ogg for all the files that are in the content they casted contain be used. After the 2007 Foundation Xiph.Org recommended that the extension .ogg only for audio files OG JAY be used. Foundation Xiph.Org decided a new set of file extensions and the type of media ( media types ) to describe the different types of content such as .oga just for audio files, etc..ogv for video with or without sound ( including Theora ), and .ogx for the OG, a compound create.

from 7 December 2007]. the current version of the reference implementation of the Xiph.org big liberal Democra OG Jay (libogg) version 1.2.2 . The other version of the. Liberal Democra OG Jay 2, etc. is expanding, but from 2008 waiting for the write retries. Both libraries software, free software, are under the authorization letter, SMS, new is published. Reference executive OG Jay on September 2, 2000 from was isolated.

from where this template is free, and its reference implementation is under the authority of the limits to copyright. codec various OG A a number of media players different free and proprietary, commercial and non-commercial, plus, player, media, portable, and receiver, GPS of different plant is used....