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Acronym References

What is HSTS ?
HTTP Strict Transport Security
HSTS is and how it works?

HSTS mechanism of data transfer with high security level policy, web policy is to maintain the information transmitted in the world, against the attacks of wiretapping and collecting information and hijacking cookies, cookie hijacking.

This protocol allows web servers through identifying the browsers ( or other agent of the user) only allow the exchange of data via HTTPS, and to have the possibility of connection HTTP, there will be no. In fact, users are required to use the HTTPS protocol will be.

When HSTS is activated two issues happens:
– always from https will be used even if the address as http and enter.
– delete ability to select a user to log in to the site that the SSL certificate invalid.

the most important vulnerability is SSL-stripping man-in-the-middle is called using hsts preventable would be. The attack in the year 2009 happened (even for TLS) by which the connection request https connection, http conversion). Using this mechanism, the possibility of the hackers, in the midst of your relationship with the destination site and viewing the information and data exchanged will not be.

This mechanism already by the website, PayPal etc. Blogspot and Etsy used. Also, the process mentioned in browsers, Chromium, Firefox 4 and Opera 12 is used. There are still IE and the iPad, the journey to this procedure on the not have....
What is OBIX ?
Open Building Information Exchange
Coding information exchange building (OBIX) in the case of the exchange of information, building open. For information about the programming language Obix programming, Obix, please visit. oBIX is a standard system interface to create control systems. oBIX about reading and writing data on a network of tools using XML and URI in the framework designed for building automation to work. The system of building control includes systems, electrical and mechanical, such as system heating and cooling, Security, Management, Electrical, and security warnings, which is within the building Act, and in most buildings and also systems for special buildings, such as management, environment, audio-visual, etc. lighting, theaters, plays, gas, medicine, etc., smoke, and many purposes other to work. oBIX is a interface of the internet service, is because leads to interactions between control systems. This interface can communicate between companies, and building systems makes it possible. Features and operation, it can be like the participants of trade-based knowledge. oBIX on OASIS (Organization for the development of standards, data, structural) is developed. Version 1. the 0 it as a standard in December 2006 was completed.

nowadays, a lot of systems, electrical, mechanical, control, . Most of these tools are low cost, and has been for the TCP/IP activation have not been. They are with wiring, communication, embedded installation. big the DDC to provide a communications network for controllers.) Protocols binary many convenient, such as BACnet, etc. LontTalk, etc., Modbus, etc. DALI there are in the network, related in addition to protocol specific multiple used. Despite this protocol, the binary can be used in networks, TCP/IP, ... them with the challenges, such as routers, etc. the walls of the fiery, security, and compatibility with other network applications encounter. Another challenge is that the industry, the protocols are incompatible is divided. Since oBIX with the company United ... systems, electrical and mechanical will be able to provide information about performance and operating conditions makes. Showing this operation by internet services, this applies to homeowners, enables of standard data tools and OLAP to check the functionality they use. oBIX perpetrators of the facility and the landowners enables decisions based on consideration of factors cycle life, environment, cost and performance adopt.

oBIX to provide the interface to internet services that pays can be used to obtain information about the system, cooling and heating, control access and information exchange between systems and applications company. Report 1 well, of the three factors in common between the system control unit offers:

points: indicates the numerical value of the unit and its status - essentially these cases, the sensors, etc., the active consumer, or variables set hint.
warning: modeling. Ethernet routing switches, and announce warnings. Warning markers circumstances that need to inform the user or another program.
dates: modeling and Survey time data. The basis of the tools, history, Time collect can be made from them for purposes other reviews.
oBIX 1.0 model, the lower-level offers, which can be used during a run it extended. While the points have the address. direct interaction with parts requires knowledge about the control systems for the developer company. Points can be unified and of the contract of oBIX. In the event that oBIX model lower-level show., the contracts oBIX high level to provide that a lot of programmers tend to work with them....
What is VMware ?
Virtual Machine Ware
He was all Vir (VMware, Inc) company, provides software for virtualization is that its main office in the city of Palo Alto in United States of America.

now the corporate headquarters in Palo Alto, California, United States, and center research and development (R...
What is CBIR ?
Content-based Image Retrieval
Retrieve content driven images...
What is DMP ?
Data Management Platform
Marketer, try to use new approaches in marketing include platforms, data management, etc. data that available have the better of the past to serve the fall and of the profit creation.
one of these practices, the use of DMP or Data management platform (platform, data management).

quoted from the web site, Marketing Tech News, results of a new survey show that 68% of brands, etc., agencies and publishers, now at least from a DMP to obtain new revenue from the data they use.

It is likely this figure in the year 2018 to 92%.

in a study by ExchangeWire and Weborama. it was found that five years after the introduction of the DMP, now the platform, to a the main part of the process of digital marketing companies have become....
What is UFS ?
Unix File System
File system Unix (UFS) is a file system that by most operating systems, Unix and Unix-like can be used. This system file also, file system fast Berkeley file system, quick, SMS, or FFS, is called....
What is IIOT ?
Industrial Internet of Things
The Internet of things Industrial Internet of Things), or for stands for the IIOT is one of the most important and widely used field, the proliferation of the Internet of things. IIOT means the application of this technology in the industrial field and use it as a network industrial smart. With the use of the IIOT in industrial units can be all the objects in the IT unit are connected to each other ... and an integrated network to conduct all the affairs of the exchange of information, the conduct of control and monitoring.

This technology is among the 4 Big Tech in the main, which placed the future of industrial automation in the future heavily under the influence of the will. The progress of this technology, since that would be according to the predictions made by the year 2020, and with the arrival of the company, and enable automation to this field, the market value of this technology to over 319 billion dollars, that figure is significant, and worth the investment....
What is IOT ?
Internet of Things
The Internet of things, or (IoT), which are sometimes in English, the Internet of things, both for this word can be used. generally refers to many things, included things in the environment that we connected to the internet, and can by applications available in the smart phone and tablet control and management. The Internet of things in simple language, communication, sensors and devices with a network through which can communicate with each other and with interaction. This concept can be simply the Association of a smartphone with the TV is, or the complexity of the monitoring infrastructure and urban traffic. Washing machine and fridge taken up ; can this network a lot of devices around us).

in the design of its architecture Auto-ID Center, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) also participated.

The Internet of things conceptually new in the world of technology and communications to come, but the phrase the Internet of things, etc., for the first time in 1999 by Kevin Ashton, was used, and a world described in which anything, including objects, said John, to his identity, Digital, have, and computers allow it to organize and manage. The internet, now all people are connected, but with the internet things, all things are connected. Of course, earlier Kevin Kelly, in the book of rules of the new economic era of networks (1998) the topic nodes little smart (such as sensors, opening and closing of the door) that the global network internet can be raised.

one of the easiest understood and the most an example that can be ran thermostat Nast. You use this thermostat can Mobile YOUR the temperature of your home control and one of the most interesting points is that this thermostat can time sleep and ... you learn and when you are asleep the temperature according to the temperature that you set. so no need to worry about that half the night, your home warm or cool. This thermostat all the night is awake!
the smart that by Samsung bought also sensors different to create a smart home at your disposal puts. With the use of these sensors can notice what personal enter your home or outside of it can be done even in case of drip water is also a report related to the leakage system, water get.
with the development and promotion of the tools available in the ecosystem, e.g. smart bracelet for physical activity you can as soon as sleep you., the TV and the lights off, or even ahead of most of them on the car at the specified time, the best route to get you to the destination by the vehicle of choice for put into place, etc. SMS to the person in front of the post. In scale, the macro of the system can be used to improve the activities of the urban, such as counting the number of empty spaces available in the parking lot or check the quality of water, cities, and the situation of traffic also benefited.

The Internet of things Industrial Internet of Things), or for stands for the IIOT is one of the most important and widely used field, the proliferation of the Internet of things. IIOT means the application of this technology in the industrial field and use it as a network industrial smart. With the use of the IIOT in industrial units can be all the objects in the IT unit are connected to each other ... and an integrated network to conduct all the affairs of the exchange of information, the conduct of control and monitoring.

This technology is among the 4 Big Tech in the main, which placed the future of industrial automation in the future heavily under the influence of the will. The progress of this technology, since that would be according to the predictions made by the year 2020, and with the arrival of the company, and enable automation to this field, the market value of this technology to over 319 billion dollars, that figure is significant, and worth the investment....
What is FRAM ?
Ferroelectric Random-Access Memory
F-RAM FRAM a certain type of memory, permanent are the ability to delete and re-planning. In memory FRAM of the structure of the memory DRAM is used, with the difference that instead of a dielectric capacitor, a matter of extreme electric. This change makes permanent memory, FRAM, and very high speed it is so that in some cases of this memory as memory, temporary RAM is used. Material like the material is ferromagnetic has a ring of hysteresis is the same, the material is ferromagnetic in which a polarity of the magnetic store. to be able to save a polarity of the electric in the absence of electric field....
What is TLB ?
Translation Lookaside Buffer
T El, (symbol, abbreviation TLB) a memory mediator in the CPU is that the parts of the table on the page in order to translate a virtual address to physical, but in their maintenance. The virtual memory amount of the fixed entries, and to improve the speed of translation of a virtual address are used. This virtual memory is typically a (CAM) the content of the memory address is, the search key of the address is virtual and search results address real or physical is usually not the same thing). If you search for CAM to result result. translation known and the data match is used. If no data is found, the translation within the table on the page continue find that several cycles of the more lasts up to complete – particularly if the translation tables to memory secondary submitted.

TLB in to address memory physical notes. TLB may be between the CPU and memory, I CACHE, or between memory I and memory the initial place. This depends on that the memory of his absence from the address of this virtual uses or addressing physical. A solution for optimized, cached physical address, this is to search the TLB with access to a cachet to the parallel do. Bits, the value of any virtual address (for example, in a system virtual memory with pages 4 ., the 12-bit lower address of the virtual ) in the conversion of virtual to physical change not find. In each access to the cached two operations can be done : an index within the data cached is stored, then a compare tags for line of cached that have been found. If cached, so structured was that it was only using the bits that translations don't change. index, this. cached can Operation indicator this your in when the TLB bit, rewarding the address translation does not do. Then the address is translated, the TLB to cached sent. Cached a comparison of label is done to determine the access to the target hit or an error occurred.

When a error the lack of entries in the TLB Miss to be happening, in architecture, modern two procedures done. With the management of the hardware TLB, the CPU in the tables, the search page does to see to address virtual memory specified entry exists or not. If an entry in. entries to the TLB be brought and access to TLB re-done. If an entry in the table on the page, there is not a error, defect pixel occurs, and the operating system, you must the data needed to memory bring. With TLB software management. a error, TLB, an exception \"error TLB\" produces and the operating system must be tables page over, and translate the software to do. Then, operating system, translation in TLB load and makes the app from the command that caused the error, TLB is resumed....
What is VMM ?
Virtual Machine Manager
VMM is a tool focused and integrated with other solutions for Microsoft infrastructure management virtual storage to round off, the possibility of the management host, network, and storage space for distribution and manufacturing machine, the virtual provides.

the most important application service VMM following:

- create and manage machine default the virtual(template)
- service users
- create a service by default, and align Service created
- backup of the Virtual machine Manager

for, by default, VMM, some information on the VMM Database by using Data Protection Application Programming Interface (DPAPI). Encryption does. DPAPI is a mechanism password-based data protection based on cryptography. For example, VMM information Run as Account on the operating system, the guest encryption. Also the product key in the settings, virtual hard disk encryption. This cryptography to the computer that the VMM launch is tied. so, if the service VMM from one computer to another. VMM makes it possible to preserve this information. With the use of the management of the distributed key. service VMM more flexible. At the time of design, it is necessary given that do not require Distributed key management in the environment given there. In this case, instead of storing the keys on the computer that the VMM management server, on it is launched on the data store corresponding to the Active Directory Domain Services kept. In this case, it is container related to it in the AD DS data store before the start of the launch of the service to be created.

service VMM has the flexibility, strong in network settings in virtual environments. Logical Networks, which are often for the performance of a certain virtual environment designed..., vlan, distinct, each of which has a IP address pool unique your are and for service, separate to the VM, are connected. On the architecture of the Logical Networks, the possibility to work of Virtual Networks provides. Network Virtualization the concept of virtualization with the possibility of making the VM network, different network, different logical stronger.

one of the essentials of virtualization, infrastructure, storage and invoice, capacity and performance fit with the needs of the environment. VMM two general types of Storage for local and remote case support, puts. Local storage the data storage space that is directly connected to the server, is said to be, and to the public, for the scenario low cost option is suitable. With the use of Remote storage, the possibility to offload the work on the file, there is another that increases the scalability and ... flexibility and capacity....
What is GAE ?
Google App Engine
Google App Engine, or motor, run the program, Google as other, because GAE and GAE/J, also called the ... the first version, it also in April 2008 is presented.

This Engine lets you run web apps on servers Google provides. Build, maintain and manage traffic and data easily on this system is applicable....
What is IaaS ?
Infrastructure as a Service
IaaS is one of the services cloud is where infrastructure as a service has companies and customers affected. This form of provided services, possibility for the customer provided that includes processing power, etc. storage space, network, and other resources, basic computing. In such a way that the client can a software online, which can include operating systems and applications to be put on it, and run track.
client infrastructure underlying the management does not, but on the platforms, storage and applications put control.
in the IaaS compared to other services, cloud like PaaS and SaaS even more control over the infrastructure there....
What is PaaS ?
Platform as a Service
Platform as a service (PaaS) platforms online to create, test and launch the web application provides that can benefit from the tools, programming and extend the software based on the browser used. Create an application using a service PaaS than the traditional approach in programming and extend the software with less work and in a short time more to be done. no longer need to install and configure the beds and the tools and applications extend the software. Services of PaaS include:

spread-based browser to create database and edit the codes of the program
interfaces within the made to control security, defined, alignment, access, and work with Web Service
the possibility of a fabric storage app with other apps deployed on the same platform
the tools to connect the app to the app out of the bed program
tools to design web forms, etc. definition, criteria, and the routine workflow in the app...
What is SaaS ?
Software as a Service
Service software a license (SaaS) software and practices, transitional, which is based on the rental licensing and be focused on hosting. Sometimes, as the software is online -ready, it will be remembered (it can be). Users, usually with a client style through the web browser to the service, the software access can recover. This service is a way of transition for many commercial applications, converter ... include Microsoft Office software and messaging, etc. software calculator rights, software, management, database, software management, etc. software design (CAD). software, developer, Game, storage, virtualization, accounting, collaboration, management communication, client management, Management Information Systems, the layout planning of the resources of the capital, invoice coding, management, human resources, etc. obtainable force-prone, management content, software, anti-virus and management of the service desk. Software service (SaaS) to the strategy of almost all the software companies extensively mixed.

According to estimates, group Gartner, sales, rental software in 2010 to 10 billion, and the forecast was up to 12٫1 billion dollars in 2011, increased. 20 was 7% more than in 2010. Group Gartner has predicted that Revenue Service renting software is more than double the figures that in the year 2010 will be approximately estimated 21 was 3 billion dollars. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) has always been as the market for this service. The forecast was rental income software through the market (CRM) to 3. the 8 billion dollar in 2011. more than 3. the $ 2 billion in 2010.

category of service software (SaaS) as a part of the terms related to cloud computing is considered to be, along with the {terminology :} rent the infrastructure (IaaS) rent is a platform (PaaS), etc. rent the desktop (DaaS) rental management software. (MSaaS), the rental sector femdom mobile (MBaaS), the Rental Management Information Technology (ITMaaS).

This model is the cloud no need for physical distribution, indirect no, because for physical distribution cannot be often for the moment of implementation. The first wave of companies in this service model, the economic Their without the need to add a financial partner in their financial structure built (except when partially unstitched affiliate has). For producers of traditional-entry software to model the leasing software has not been easy, because this model, like the previous model structure, input identical to it, not facilitate, and continue to work with the distribution network of much profit, it can reduce and competitive pricing of its products to destruction.

nowadays, a landscape service Rent software and Game supplier, service that model indirect sales with your business model, your combine, they manage. and that killed redefines his role with the economy of Information Technology. formed....
What is CRAC ?
Computer Room Air Conditioner
Servers are fairly mature, more consumption of electric in about 1200 watts, have with the use of coolant, the usual HVAC or CRAC possibility to cool them possible. This type of coolant, air cooling, produced from below to within the space under the floor system, post and through the valves embedded on the floor system the existing servers to cool them. Again the warm air through the channels back (if any) to the device CRAC returned and ك thus, repeat.
with the advancement in technology, build servers, and the small dimensions of them and the introduction of servers, Blade, etc., although the cost of making this type of servers, with the last major difference for them. but power consumption and heat generation, they are such dramatic increased. So cool they have stone, more adopted.
What is SOC ?
System On a Chip
System on a chip (SOC) means the integration of the components of a computer or other electronic systems include processors, computer or mobile device in a single integrated circuit (chip). The system on the integrated circuit in order to coordinate the hardware and software, a processor or a system computer....
What is MMU ?
Memory Management Unit
Unit, memory management (MMU), which is sometimes called unit, memory management paging is a hardware computer which is responsible for the conversion request memory from the central processing unit of a computer. Its function includes the address conversion virtual to physical addresses is (like virtual memory management), the protection of the memory, control, cache, CPU, etc. of the arbitration crossings and in the architecture of the simpler computer games (especially systems 8-bit), Bank switching....
What is ALU ?
Arithmetic & Logic Unit
The unit of calculation and logic (ALU), etc. orbital digital is that the calculus of operations, and logic do. A fundamental piece of the central processing unit in the computer. And even the most simple also has a unit of calculation and logic for such things as maintenance time. Processors available ( CPU ) , and modern, and the graphics processor ( GPU ) Dadri unit of calculation and logic a powerful and yet complex. May each piece has more than a single calculation and logic. John von Neumann proved that a mathematician the concept of the ALU in 1945, when are writing a report for a new computer called EDVAC. posed....
What is SMT ?
Simultaneous MultiThreading
simultaneous (SMT) is a method for increasing the efficiency of the overall processor, that more than one instructions at the same time, implement (which (superscalar) are famous), along with " hardware". The technology to silent, independent Allow of the resources in the design of the processors in the disposal of them is placed, the better....