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Acronym References

What is YAML ?
Yet Another Multicolumn Layout
YAML is a framework si SS is that web designers design permits easier a website. The integrity of the layout YAML for various content management systems created. these include WordPress, LifeType, etc. TYPO3, etc., Joomla, and Drupal.

version of YAML 2. the 2, the framework under the Creative Commons license Attribution 2.0 (CC-BY 2.0) is distributed. Also for having an alternative to the commercial use of the framework, the subscription model for YAML is there....
What is STR ?
In programming, and in some branches of mathematics, strings (STR) to the sequence of characters is said to be. So every word and even every text a string to number come. The characters that a string can formation of a set come that it is the alphabet of the call....
What is DevOps ?
Development Operations
DevOps is the combination of two words, Development (meaning of development) and Operations (meaning operations and implemented) create, move, and cultural, which is based on cooperation and deep connection software developers and other specialists in information technology field (IT), in the process of providing software product affirms. This move is an attempt by the environmental provide, where possible, Build, Testing and providing software with more speed and stability, the higher is realized.

in the past, the use of infrastructure and to get instant, slow down the life cycle, it was. Today that the technology of cloud computing to organizations allows resources to accommodate a few months, in a few minutes, providing. it is time for the life cycle of the app, too, to fit the change. In this context, DevOps can help, but only if that is beyond cultural changes and spread of a continuous move. DevOps (the combination of the two, the word Development means the development and Operation, means of operation), the way to produce software that focuses on communication, partnership, and integration between software manufacturers and IT professionals affirms. In fact, DevOps reactive to the interdependence of software production, and operation of IT. It aims to help organizations is to be able to speed products and software services production. It is obvious that the technology of cloud-based big changes in the app, enter, and makes it possible. Some of the articles so far on the technical changes that cloud computing on the structure of the applications are imposed. focused. These changes are all for the support variability has increased the scale and. expect better performance and pricing modified that cloud computing creates, etc. have been designed. But the thing is this articles to it, weirdo. hypothesis the traditional else about the app is that cloud computing are removing it is the life cycle of the application. In particular, cloud technology requires rhythm to the intensity of from the management application that a change in the organization, IT applies. Apparently, it is not clear why the capability characteristics of the cloud computing in the organization, IT and work processes, IT transformation, create. However, the automation that the foundation, the main capability, characteristics of the cloud computing is also requires accelerating the life cycle of the application....
What is DEV ?
Producer software, or the software developer (Software developer) in the topic software development to each viewpoint can be that part of the production process, the software claimed to have. Namely, each of the following positions among the developers are considered:

Project Manager Software
Analyst Business Software
software designer
test trader software

for each app or software may be all or part of the members of the team are present....
What is SYSAdmin ?
System Administrator
System Administrator (sys admin) is a personal that a computer system or a computer network or collection of networks, computer maintenance and administration. The duties of a system administrator is extensive and from organization to organization, the other is different. A system administrator is usually the task of installation and support of servers, embeds, or other computer systems are responsible for.

create a backup of the information
responsible for emergency services, security, system,
check files the logs and identify system bugs
update operating system and software
check network traffic
check network security
upgrade software
patch security
respond to technical questions, users, and help them
add up. Remove and update user accounts existing in the system and resets the password ...
responsible for documenting configuration files, system
identifying and troubleshooting debugging and reporting bugs system
install and configure software and hardware new...
What is SYS ?
System, System, Device, System, etc., etc. fashions, etc....
What is AMP ?
Accelerated Mobile Pages
Google Inc. recently one of the new tools to the name of the AMP in early 2016 has released. Due to the increased use of mobile phone a lot of people for access to Information world, from your mobile phone use and usage statistics of the mobile trend upward their centers. In the result, the speed of loading pages in mobile of particular importance. Google recently form the framework AMP exponential has the goal of providing these tools improve the performance of web pages containing text, image, video, animation, and.... In mobile. The goal of this technology, Google provide a solution fast, and optimized for the users is to easily provide content, web pages, especially sites that has text, a lot can be( such as news sites) to easily view.

AMP Means to increase the speed of loading pages in mobile. Project AMP, A Framework, a new and open source is completely from technology, available on the web is made. This project, which by means of Google and Twitter is done, the programmers can help HTML pages with the volume, create. These codes easily on the pages of mobile loaded., loaded with fast the content of web pages easily visible to users....
What is WAFS ?
Wide-Area File Services
Products service, file wide (WAFS) users to a company let, accept, and share the files for world of speed, a LAN, the rover WAN. Company wide, the solution, WAFS them to organize to be able to link the stored data to data of the central one and remove the requirement of backup and control of data that is already in the company of their have been placed. Systems Cisco, (Blue coat) manufacturer, fixtures WAFS. WAFS of techniques such as protocol, CIFS protocol, MDPI and data compression, and sometimes storing the patterns of data away nasty in the cache local uses. WAFS is a subset of WAN is also the internet SSL and instructions, ASP and traffic, multiple well hidden. This semester, by Brand Oneill and group Taneja in the month of MAY and in the year 2004 for the magazine, Infostor, just and was designed....
What is ARPANET ?
Advanced Research Projects Agency Network
(of ARPANET) stands for the organization of the project research advanced network, the first network package information in the world was, and after a while become the global internet. Financial budget of this network, initially by agency research projects Advanced Defense (five oceans, etc., later DARPA) within the Department of defense, United States of America was funded that from this project at universities and research laboratories in the United States of America used. package information based on the plan of the British scientist Donald Davies and Lawrence, Robert from the lab, Lincoln....
What is LPWAN ?
Low-Power Wide-Area Network
Networks long range, with low power, which for a brief LPWAN called. category of wireless communication technology, which are the possibility of establishing connections with data rates down in the geographical vast and power consumption (Battery) Low provide. The aforementioned features, the networks proper option for connecting to sensors and smart cities, and industry has become. Including some technology important LPWAN can be SigFox, LoRa, NB-IoT, and ... noted.

the first public network LPWAN in Iran also in the beginning of the year 1395, etc., based on technology LoRa by was launched, which now Services the following brand Linkap provide....
What is PIVX ?
Private Instant Verified Transaction
Pivx is a platform, an advanced digital currency like bitcoin. This program on your computer, created and maintained. Like bitcoin, no centralized control over this digital currency does not exist, and they are by a government or a bank are not caused, but by the owners and operators masternode that by algorithm Seesaw PIVX rewarded. have been created. are essentially the same Dash., but also has some improvements that it allows some of the problems that bitcoin for a long time involved have to solve.

PIVX from January 2016 from the code box, dash by S3v3nHacks and Coin-Server is made. First it as the Darknet, released later on March 1, 2017, and the name of the Private Transacted Verified Transaciated briefly PIVX introduced.
the main purpose Pio X is to do the transaction for immediate and private help. While we are on the way to achieve this goal, we are some of the features are being developed, and the near future will appear....
What is FUP ?
Fair User Policy
Policy the consumption of fair the: this policy characteristics of the Can, the quality and stability of the internet service guarantee. Overall, the ... providers, internet service, terms, Policy, consumption, fair based on the amount of custom and common usage among the users and the real need they determine. For this reason, detailed information about users of the terms of the in this service, the necessity of making finds, and each service provider is obliged to conditions, the taking, Fair in their internet service to the most clear as possible to inform the users finish. In this state, if, in each of the services desired, the volume of consumer Subscriber from the consumption of a fair monthly the designated pass, the speed of the user, the minimum speed of 128Kbps, reduced, or common to maintain the speed of the current can be compared to buy the package of traffic is added....
What is HRMS ?
Human Resource Management System
Human Resource Management System or HRMS or human resources information system., the system and process is in common between human resource management and Information Technology....
What is WCMS ?
Website Content Management System
Content management system, with which the name abbreviation WCMS are known, a system software that is Tools Of ago ready to write the entries, insert images and links, and generally manage one or more web site is to allow users, even with the knowledge scant in the context of programming languages, or languages, markup, etc. the content of your website, simply create and manage.

a content management system, strong, possibility of the participation of multiple authors to manage posts, documents and outputs in a web site provides. More management systems, web content, from a content repository or database to store the content of the page, metadata, and other information that may be for the system need be they use and layer provide (the closest layer to the user interface) ... website content based on a set of templates, which are often of the type of file, XSLT. visitors to the show.

more systems to improve their performance from the Reserve server side. This time, it is better that the management system he often remains unchanged, but visits regularly occur. The management system also usually through interfaces based on web browser can be done.

management system, web content to users allow, with a little training, your own website change. These systems usually require a system administrator or a developer of the web (to set up and add features). but in degree. is a tool for people to be the trend to use it to your web site maintenance and management....
What is LIMS ?
Laboratory Information Management System
Information Management System Laboratory (LIMS), sometimes with the Title Information Systems Laboratory (LIS) or System Management Lab (LMS) known that, in fact, System Information Management, and lab-based software with the features that the executive operations of a laboratory, modern, support. Main features include – and not limited to – workflow and condition monitoring data, the structure of the resilient, and the interface change the data, which is from its application in controlled environments supported.

features and applications the system information management laboratory during the years, has evolved from a simple version control samples to a planning tool, Resource Management ERP has become that the dimensions of the multiple information, the laboratory\'s management.

define system information management laboratory, somewhat controversial, is: System, Information Management Lab, a flexible are because the needs of the laboratory to rapidly evolve and are different types of lab are usually different set of needs. so, define the application of a Management System Information Lab, ultimately depends on the interpretation of individuals and groups that use it.

Dr. Allan Mack land from the Institute of Biochemistry., the Royal in the city of Glasgow, affirms that the issue in the late 1990\'s this issue\'s highlights ... with the explanation of this is that the management system lab by the people, \" he added. Analyst, Manager Laboratory, Manager of Information Systems and an accountant be interpreted, and all of them also are correct, but each is limited to the perceptions of the individual. Historically, the system information management Laboratory Information System Laboratory, and system implementation of development processes PDES functions similar to. So-called System Information Management Lab, more system, communication solutions, noted that for the analysis of commercial, research, or environmental, such as, pharmaceutical, and petrochemical industries are selected.

the term Information System lab, the more systems Informatics Lab in the Forensic Medicine Field, Clinical refers, which usually requires tools for Case Management.

the term system, implementation of development processes, generally, in the domain of the wider applied, including, for example, when manufacturing techniques. when integrating with tools for the laboratory is not necessary.

recently, the capabilities of Information Systems Management the laboratory from simple management as a primary target is exceeded. Integration, management, data, data mining, analysis, data and notepad electronics lab, including facilities that many Systems Management Information, Lab added. empowerment the realization of traditional medical completely a software solution.

plus, the difference Phi between the system Management Information, Lab Information System, lab color. since most of the system management information, the laboratory now fully of the facilities, a comprehensive clinical data dossier axle support.

the final years of the decade 70., the management of samples, laboratory analysis as well as debriefing and track the status of these samples, generally, manually and by the force of a human was done for, which is a very time consuming was deemed, and often, human error also comes. This issue caused some organizations seek to offer in the way of things for automated storage and facilitate the process of moving. In the meantime, some laboratories are starting to use strategies dedicated were only the needs within the laboratory they have provided. While some other organizations seek to provide systems and commercial standard has been went to be able to requisites, all of the laboratories to identify and make them the target. These efforts lead to this, which was finally in the 80\'s was the first generation of information systems management laboratory to the market. This software allows automatic storage process, the reporting of the samples to the laboratory, provides that, at the time a great achievement in this arena was deemed....
What is TPS ?
Transaction Processing System
System transaction processing and ... system is a computer, which is an important operation daily of an organization to execute and record. This system, the basis, level and operational organizations to support.

knowledge of computers, transaction processing, some kind of information processing is that the system infrastructure, they, one of the most important essentials of commercial applications in the field of providing financial services, banking and e-commerce competences come.

operations that were previously manually done in order to increase efficiency, reduce time, reduce errors operations, reduced operating costs and... mechanized. that they have systems transaction processing (TPS), say....
What is WINE ?
Wine Is Not an Emulator
Vine (Wine), a layer of the compatibility of free and open-source is that programs written for Microsoft Windows operating system ability to run on platforms Unix-like. Also Vine has a library called Winelib which developers can Software your Windows, compile it, they adapt it for the operating system, the Unix-like more comfortable.

and this is a simulator, but a layer of compatibility is because the implementation of the DLL in Windows. The name of the vine from the stands, including a Wine Is Not an Emulator states that "this is a simulator not" mean it.

Vine in mode default on most distributions of GNU/Linux it is not installed and user have to install it.

Microsoft had to do something about this question. Although the software Windows Update updates Windows software is that through this run are blocked. On February 16, 2005 Ivan Leo Puoti realized that Microsoft began to examine the Windows registry to find the keys settings, and this makes up the software for Windows Update it, the software will block up-to-date not.

software, WGA also keys settings, this will search. In questions of common software WGA states that the WGA for the vine design is not where it drags the "windows principle" make not allow. When the WGA Vine on the detection system. message to the users, which gives your windows, the principle is not download for you, will be disabled. Despite this issue, some have reported that WGA on the vine works well....
What is IIS ?
Internet Information Services
Server web that provider, IT company Microsoft and the latest version of its IIS 7.5 is that for operating systems, Widows Server 2012, and Windows 8 is designed. In fact, IIS is a set of Web Services is that a lump sum is displayed. According to the latest statistics that were published after the web server Apache is the most popularity of users is now close to 36% Market Web servers in the world. Platform that this web server is supported by Microsoft Windows can be, and in other environments does not work....
What is GCLID ?
Google Click Identifier
Gclid is a parameter tracking is unique in the world is (ID, click Google) that for the transfer of information from Google AdWords and Google Analytics Google can be used. If you tag this, auto url's in Google AdWords active. Google is a parameter unique gclid in the URL, your destination at run time adds. Because of this, a change the route (Redirect). you have no parameter gclid in the target URL will not see, but in the Log the incoming server you will be shown.
parameter gclid possible to share data between Google Analytics and Google AdWords provides....
What is HSTS ?
HTTP Strict Transport Security
HSTS is and how it works?

HSTS mechanism of data transfer with high security level policy, web policy is to maintain the information transmitted in the world, against the attacks of wiretapping and collecting information and hijacking cookies, cookie hijacking.

This protocol allows web servers through identifying the browsers ( or other agent of the user) only allow the exchange of data via HTTPS, and to have the possibility of connection HTTP, there will be no. In fact, users are required to use the HTTPS protocol will be.

When HSTS is activated two issues happens:
– always from https will be used even if the address as http and enter.
– delete ability to select a user to log in to the site that the SSL certificate invalid.

the most important vulnerability is SSL-stripping man-in-the-middle is called using hsts preventable would be. The attack in the year 2009 happened (even for TLS) by which the connection request https connection, http conversion). Using this mechanism, the possibility of the hackers, in the midst of your relationship with the destination site and viewing the information and data exchanged will not be.

This mechanism already by the website, PayPal etc. Blogspot and Etsy used. Also, the process mentioned in browsers, Chromium, Firefox 4 and Opera 12 is used. There are still IE and the iPad, the journey to this procedure on the not have....