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Acronym References

What is MCSA ?
Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate
Systems administration ( MCSA ), which is the degree that almost from the year 2002 entered the collection of the technical documentation Microsoft was for those IT professionals that is designed need management, support and maintenance of a system that are characteristic of it with an MCSE is required to pass any examination that includes the design of the system can be. This degree is appropriate for those who, in one of the posts, Management Systems, Management, Network, Management, Management Information Systems, Analyst functions, network technician, Network Specialist Support Department are working. In order to receive this degree, should the four try to leave behind which includes, a try original and one exam of choice....
What is RISC ?
Reduced instruction Set Computing
RISC collection orders is simplified, in fact, typical of the design of the CPU that is the basis for it, the simplification of the orders that lead to high yields and to accelerate the implementation of the orders. A processor that, based on this design can be built in to RISC (read risk) is called. The most important and the most popular architecture is based on RISC design. ARM. Just point the front of the risk, design the other with the name of the CISC there, which stands for Complex Instruction Set Computing, or the collection of orders is a complex architecture, x86, Intel, based on its design and processor desktop computers, laptops, and many other tools benefit from the.

the main idea of RISC, the first time by John cookie from IBM, and in 1974 was formed., the theory he noted was that a computer only from 20% of orders needs and 80%. orders unnecessary. Processors built based on the design of the orders a little support, so to the transistors, less also need, making it also low-cost. By reducing the number of transistors and the implementation of orders less, the processor in less time orders will process. A little later, the term RISC is a professor at the University of California to name David Paterson was created.

both the design of RISC and CISC to far in all sorts of tools are applied, but the general concept of RISC, in fact, a system in which the processing of orders, small and highly optimized will be discussed, just unlike CISC, where orders complex sent. One of the major differences between RISC and CISC is also in how to access the memory and store and run the information on it. In risk, access to memory only through the instructions, may lead to a significant do is, for example, not be part of the recipe add to memory access.

In addition to ARM companies much else, including Intel i860, AMD 29k, ARC, and etc., from the design of the RISC for the construction of the processor used., but, thanks to the expanding phone and tablet. ARM architecture as the most outstanding architecture is based on RISC known....
What is VIM ?
Visual Editor Improved
Wim (Vim) (an acronym of the phrase vi improved means VIP improved) text editor that is me in 1991 for computers, the Amiga was released. This name, this is the reason that Wim as an extension developer, editor, " IP had been developed. Wim in the beginning for computers Amiga released. but after it the greater Sunda Islands.

Wim a software project is open-source. , author it, etc. to support the children of Uganda, encourage users to forgiveness for the Institute of charity does that to its children helps.

in 2006, Wim as the most popular text editor by the readers of Linux Journal was selected.

the history of the other editors Emacs-1 : the editor of the theory, the more the better, uses. Features large is that of the many features supported. On most Linux distros install. In fact, the editor (vi) and Emacs, the two main contenders in the realm of text editing in the world of Unix-like are considered, and the war of the editors there". Emacs is one of the most powerful editors of the text now. It should be noted that Emacs for text editing is not word processing. Hence, its main purpose is to control the size or font type, and so it is not the manipulation of words, and because they spend (to include relocation and fro, and clean and...), and coloring the text for easy storage, Editing, Computer Applications, and the likes of it. Through Emacs can be computer programs, written, run, and even proofreading (debug). Basically, it can be Emacs for working with any programming language, an enviable optimized and adjusted; and all this extends through the language, Emacs lisp. Jed-2 : this editor from the list, and the other components of the graphical environment, command-line use. Since the appearance of this app is very similar to graphic editors. Mainly for software development and programming is used....
What is VAR ?
In computer programming, a variable (Variable) a location in memory (memory address) that has a symbolic name as the identifier (ID) and can be contains information or a value, it turns out, or the passive that gives it value,: Value)said to be. In other words, a variable in programming to the space in which to store the data have been set aside say....
What is POL ?
Passive Optical LAN
POL local network Passive Optical is Networks access to the optical fiber, etc., organize and develop find.

basically, technology POL is in the range of a local area network LAN is a system of private F T-T X is called. All of these results lead to rules and standards, the design of the POL and create topology for the distribution of all services, information and Communication Technology (ICT) building, across the infrastructure of a company....
What is SDE ?
Software-Defined Everything
Software that everything is defined....
What is REEF ?
Retainable Evaluator Execution Framework
Holder the framework of the implementation of the assessment...
What is ESN ?
Enterprise Social Networking
Social networks, organizational...
What is SMO ?
Social Media Optimization
Social media optimization...
What is PSX ?
Play Station Experience
PlayStation [Showtime (PS) or PS1 (Showtime tub) and an informal Showtime X (PSX)] consular 32-bit fifth generation is that for the first time in December 1994 by Sony Computer released....
What is ePSXe ?
Enhanced PSX Emulator
,, X,, software, amolator console PlayStation 1. This software in order to performance console, a PlayStation 1 in the computing environment, to do dedicated games console on a computer is designed. This software the first time, on October 14, 2000 released. Admission plugin and BIOS of the other features of the software. This soft the most commonly used for the PlayStation console. The company, epsxe software s.l recently a special version for smartphones and tablets Android made and in the store Google Play has to offer. This virtual maker PlayStation in mobile version of the technology, OpenGL HD and processor architecture, arm and x86 Intel fully supports....
What is PPSSPP ?
PlayStation Portable Simulator Suitable for Playing Portably
Simulator PlayStation proper to play along briefly, PHP, PHP SS, PHP, PHP, emulator, PlayStation for Microsoft Windows, OS..., Linux, etc. iPhone OS and ... Android, Blackberry 10 and Symbian with much attention to speed and portability. In the beginning, on 1 November 2012 for public under license license GNU general public version 2 or later released. Project Pi Pi SS Pi Pi by Henrik Rydgård, one of the founder of the dolphin to released.

What is UCSC ?
University of California, Santa Cruz
Browser, genomic provided by the University of Santa Cruz, California...
What is PDO ?
PHP Data Objects
PDO a plugin is lightweight and powerful PHP to connect to the database. Of the good qualities of this plugin is that from Version 5. the 1 the PHP installed is the following:

database support varied, including Mai SS s , etc. MsSQL,., the SS s reflections, etc. with fixed functions. The wonderful possibility PDO, which allows, without changing the codes, etc. the database change. For example, if the Application with MySQL, made, we, and under certain circumstances, have to change the database to MsSQL? if , jQuery upload problem, create said. enough database replacement, we and the same thing. For large systems it is an advantage, it is very important.
support Exception PHP.Exception the possibility of control and get measurement errors to the programmer. PDO the possibility of control errors from the database to the programmer.
support for Prepared Statement and Stored Procedure and Multiple Recordset. These three items, none is the functions of MySQL will not run. PDO is about the last for now, MySQL does not support.
designed to The Shape class. Ability to important that the possibility of extending and personalizing the PDO could, for example, the behavior of change or functions new it added We and in fact all the features of the new object got with him.
PDO from the class composed of:
the main class called PDO, which contains the main functions like run, jQuery and connection etc is.
class with the name of the PDOStatement contains functions for processing and utilization of jQuery, is run like fetch.
class PDOException to get measurement errors occurred....
What is IG ?
Instagram or Instagram (Instagram), social network, share photos and video, is it possible to gives its users that photos and videos on your other social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Flickr share. Users also can use digital filters to . Limits share the video on Instagram 60 seconds....
What is EOL ?
End Of Line
The application of the EOL in a programming language means the end of the line is ( End Of Line )...
What is RWD ?
Responsive Web Design
Design, reaction-oriented (RWD) is a method of web design that aims to display the desirable page in a wide range of devices from mobile phones to monitor desktop computers.

a web site designed to the method of reaction-oriented with the layers of flexible, design, floating, etc. flexible images and media jQuery CSS3 compatible.

the concept of resilient networks, this is where for the size of the page elements, instead of units, an absolute, such as pixels or point of the units relative Like percent we use.
the size of the images flexible, also with units of the relative is determined to pull out from the element of display, your donor is showing.
media jQuery, take advantage of CSS different for the page based on the features of the device displays the provider (usually based on the width of the web browser) to provide....
What is FLOSS ?
Free and Open Source Software
Free software and open source (or FLOSS, F/OSS, etc. FOSS), the software is in order to supply the right of users to study, change, and improve its design, with available being the source code of software, free form butterfly, is being made.

What is VPAID ?
Video Player-Ad Interface Definition
A method of communication between the ad and watch a video in which it is displayed. This communication is important, because video ads linear and non-linear can be interactive, and such user interaction will generally affect the activity of the video player affects. For example, when a user click on an ad click may not be the user with more information about the advertiser's offer. while expect video content as well....